When will you support “Single Sign On” in Zoho ?

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Recently we have been getting more request from users for “Single Sign On” (SSO) for Zoho services. Single Sign On allows users to register just once to use all Zoho Services.

Recently Priya Ganapathy from RED HERRING finds this annoying to sign up separately for each program ( http://www.redherring.com/article.aspx?a=18050 ). I, being one of the frequent user of Zoho services ( Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, Zoho Planner & Zoho Creator ), I can understand the pain.

We have been working hard to get this out soon. The delay is due to the data migration. We have come close thrice but since we are not fully satisfied with the way we handled existing users, we just decided to change the design.

Having our own Identity Access Manger software ( http://www.securecentral.com/products/iam/index.html ) made it simple for us to support Single Sign On. But handling existing user base with no ( or minimal ) impact is the real challenge we are figuring out to solve. We are happy that most of the features we required were already supported in IAM & this saved lot of time for us.

We apologize for paining you without Single Sign On. We will do our best to get this out real soon.

Stay Tuned !!!!

Zoho puts India on the Web 2.0 map

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Richard MacManus pointed us to an article in the August issue of Business 2.0 magazine. The article identifies 23 of the most influential/innovative Web 2.0 sites developed in countries other than the USA. And Zoho is among this elite group!

The article has the following to say about about Zoho (Writer),

Like Writely.com, a service recently purchased by Google, Zoho is going head-to-head with Microsoft Word by building word processing into your browser. Zoho Writer lets you export and import Word documents from your PC or create new ones online and share them with anyone. Zoho also offers Zoho Sheet, an online spreadsheet and Zoho Planner, a to-do list that can be shared by groups.

Thanks to Erick Schonfeld! Also, from Richard’s post, “The Business 2.0 article isn’t online yet, but you can view it via Olive ActiveMagazine (pg 106).”

Printouts & Notes Reordering

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Zoho Planner’s latest update offers those two features. You can now take printouts of your todos, reminders & pages. Just use the Print (or Print Preview) option of your browser for using this functionality.

And the drag-and-drop style of reordering is now extended to the ‘Notes’ section too. (previously you can reorder your todo list items)

Check out the latest Zoho Planner & tell us what you think.

Images in Zoho Planner pages

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Zoho Planner’s latest update that happened a few hours ago has two interesting changes with respect to images. One, you can now edit the description associated with an image (long asked by many users). Two, thanks to Lokesh Dhakar & his Lightbox JS, you can now view the images in a Zoho Planner page as a cool slide show. Check out this public page which has got some terriffic photos from the scenic Andaman.

Kotha, the man behind Zoho Planner says reordering of notes is coming next.

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For the power user in you – Zoho Planner API

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The success of GMaps says it all. APIs allow users to come up with their own applications creatively. Many Zoho Planner users have been asking for an open API for quite some time now & the Zoho Planner API has just been released!

With the Zoho Planner API, you can get all the info related to your Zoho Planner account & use it elsewhere to create interesting mashup applications. We believe the API will be a useful add in exploiting the power of Zoho Planner.

Check out the Zoho Planner API now. Do tell us what you think of the API & ask if you need anymore.

Note: A point worth remembering – we offer an unlimited Zoho Planner account for Free.

Re-ordering of Todo’s

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The most asked for feature in Zoho Planner is finally there. Yes, now you can re-order the todo list items & the todo lists themselves. And this has been done the typical AJAXy way with easy drag & drop. Check this out with your Zoho Planner account.

Update:  In case you don’t see the re-order feature in your Zoho Planner account, clear your browser cache.
Note: Page re-ordering is on the way