Leave Management

Manage Leave Information

Leave Tracker enables you to apply for leave online, view leave balances and track all your employee leave information from one central place. Employees' leave transactions are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated. You can import/export leave summary for integrating data with other applications. Save lot of time and money spent on administration work.

Multiple Custom Leave Types

Customize predefined leave types or create new leave types as per your company's leave policy. Leave Tracker allows you to color code each leave type, enable leave restrictions, customize leave types by location, roles/employees, gender, marital status and much more! Leave Tracker works exactly as per your requirements.

Manage Leave Requests

Streamline your process and eliminate your paperwork. All employee leave requests are automatically routed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/deny with just a click. No paper forms or files to deal with.

Holiday List

Each country will have different customs and cultures. So, holidays will also differ. Leave Tracker enables you to configure Holidays based on your location. This eliminates confusion and potential conflicts.

Leave Report

Leave Tracker gives you a complete history of leave usage details for individual employee in a bar chart format. Both you and your employees will know how much leave they’ve used, how much they have remaining, and what kinds of leave they’re eligible to take and/or carry over.

Department Leave Calendar

Easily track your team members' leave info with the help of the Department Leave Calendar. Just take a look at the calendar and know who is in and who is out of office without leaving your desk. Schedule meetings, appointments and events based on the availability of your teammates.

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