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Employee portal - HRIS

Zoho People´s employee portal provides your HR team with important HRIS details such as - demographic data, employment history, PA , salary data ,emergency contact details etc. These pre-built HRIS forms helps your HR handle administrative tasks easily & enables them to focus on resolving important people related issues. And processing payrolls, generating reports, conducting appraisal etc all becomes easy for your HR & benefits staff.

Zoho People helps you maintain all your HRIS data in one place instead of multiple spreadsheets/databases & helps you easily take reports. Zoho People provides you data to take informed sound decisions & communicate HR information to the organization.

Zoho People HRIS key features

Employee data -

Update employee´s details related to work, personal, dependant, emergency contact, work experience & education summary.

Record employee´s leave details, training details, compensation & benefit details.

Record disciplinary actions taken, exit details etc.,

Help employees enroll for benefit plans.

Organization hierarchy - View the organization structure based on the reporting hierarchy of employees.

Move an employee or group of employees to different teams with just drag & drop.

Compliances -

With Zoho People it´s easy to record key HR information for government compliance & reporting, includes

  • ADA
  • IRCA
  • VETS 100
  • OSHA & workers’ compensation
  • FMLA tracking
  • EEO compliance

Mail alerts -

Notify HR team/concerned people on key changes made to HRIS data by employees.

Export/Import data -

Easy export with different file options for reports.  Import your exisitng data from your spreadsheets.

History -

Track changes to HRIS data with details of who did it, when they did it & what they changed.

Employee directory -

Easy search option to get quick details of employees alongwith their photos.

Dashboard -

Make announcements of important HR information/decision. Greet employees on their bdays & welcome new members to your team.