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Time Tracker

Time Tracker is simple, efficient and easy to use time management software that allows you to record and keep track of the time you spend working on various jobs. You can record your daily and weekly time logs, generate timesheets, configure multi-level approval for timesheets, generate bills and can get customized accurate reports for timesheets, payroll and jobs. With this intuitive time tracking tool, track your employees' time regularly and manage your business' productivity perfectly, without any hassles.

Zoho People satisfies the following basic properties of a time tracking module.

  • Job execution time allocated to an employee
  • Number of simultaneous jobs allowed for a user
  • Weekly and monthly log reports
  • Timesheet generation for various jobs
  • Multi-level Approval for timesheets
  • Bill generation
  • Accurate reports for Timesheets, Jobs, Payroll, Bills & Clients
  • Import/Export time logs

Term Definition

Job : A Job is a task that is either assigned to you by someone in your organization or you work on your own tasks.

Work Item : A work item is a task activity or a subtask relating to a particular Job.

Time Logs : Time spend on each Job activity recorded by an employee is called Time Logs. It is used for recording the time duration of the task.

Timesheet : A timesheet is a group or summary of time logs. It is generated and send for approval process.

Here's a simple flowchart explaining the process of the Timesheet module.


Click the links below to learn the configuration settings and the functionalities of the time tracker module.