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Holiday Settings

Zoho People allows you to configure all kinds of holidays for your organization based on your location. Your organization may have branches across various countries. Each country will have different customs and cultures. So, holidays will also differ. In that case, you can add different locations and configure holidays accordingly. You can also configure weekday and weekend holidays for your organization, by week wise. Also, when an employee submit a leave form, the period of leave will be validated against the holidays configured and the system will automatically exclude the request for leave calculation, if the leave falls on a holiday date.

How to configure holidays

  1. Login as Admin.
  2. Click 'Setup' at the top of the page.
  3. Go to 'Calendar & Holiday Settings' and click 'Holiday Settings'.
  4. Click 'Add Holiday'.
  5. Name the Holiday, select the date and the location.
  6. You can also add holidays under Leave Tracker-->Holidays.
  7. To configure Holidays for weekdays and weekends, click 'Calendar Settings' under Calendar & Holiday Settings.
  8. Click 'Edit' to define Weekend and mark the holidays.
  9. Click 'Update'.


  • You can define both Weekend and Festive Holidays based on your location.