People API

API Methods

API Purpose
Add Record API To add a record in the form. Default APIs such as Add Employee API - To add an employee to your organization and Add Department API - To add various departments in your Zoho People account are available for adding an employee and department.
Update Record API To modify the field values for a specific record. For example, you can edit the data in the record.
Fetch Record API To display the records of a form based on predefined columns. Fetch Single Record API is to display the record of a specific form indexed using a Record ID.
Fetch Forms API To retrieve the list of forms and its details available in your Zoho People account.
Fetch Component API To retrieve the details of the components available in a form.
View API Default and Custom View API - To retrieve the list of views available for all forms. Fetch views of a specific form API - To retrieve the list of views available in a specific form.
Record Count API To retrieve the total record counts of an employee form. Get Record Count API is used to retrieve total record counts of any other form.
Attendance API Attendance check-in and check-out API - To map the user ID of your employees inorder to calculate attendance. Attendance bulkimport API - To bulk import the check-in and check-out details of the employees.
Leave API Add Leave API - To add leave records, Get Leave Details API - To list down the available leave types and their details in your Zoho People account
Favourite List API To fetch and list all your favorite employees' details like Erecno, Employee ID and Email ID. Unmark/Remove Favourite Employee API - To unmark/remove an employee from the favorites list. Marking an Employee as Favourite API - To mark an employee as favorite in the favorites list.