Centralized Employee Information

Store and manage all your employee data in a single and secure system. Reduce errors and expense, eliminate redundant data entry, and have access to complete information anywhere, anytime.

Manage People, Not Software

Zoho People lets you store and maintain all employee details in a centralized database. There are no multiple software programs to operate and upgrade. Everything you need to maximize your Human Resources is right at your fingertips.

Locate an Employee

Quickly locate employees by whatever criteria works best for you: name, title, department, salary, etc.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Capture employee exit details to identify, analyze and fix potential problem areas. Use what you learn to attract better candidates, while increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your existing employees.

Streamline and Automate your HR process No long-term contracts, pay-as-you-go. Create your Free Zoho People Account Today!

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