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As a HR you would be required to interact with multiple entities of the organization to complete a business process like "new joinee onboard" process. To communicate with different entities on the multiple tasks and tracking them would be time consuming. Zoho People helps you overcome this problem with automated checklists which trigger's sequence of tasks on a specific action like create/edit/approve of a request to complete a business process. It also enables your employees to keep track of the progress of their requests.This helps you free up resources and enables you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Control triggering of checklists - Option to initiate checklists on creation/approval of request for a specific form.

Configure checklists -Configure tasks with description to be completed as part of the business process and associate owners to them.

Sequence of tasks -  Drag & drop to sequence the tasks of a business process.

Notify the owner - When the tasks of a checklist is completed an automated mail notification will be sent to the owner.

Set duration limit - Configure duration limit for each task.

Track progress - Owners can track progress of their requests. Overdue tasks will be marked as red.