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Introducing Zoho Notebook - the online application for gathering and creating multiple types of content that can easily be shared with others. Designed with a simple user interface, Zoho Notebook solves the problem of managing multiple sources of information and content that is typically spread all over the place: your desktop, e-mail, websites, applications etc. With Notebook, you now have a single place to access and share the information that matters to you.

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Key Features
Intuitive user interface with white boarding and custom layout capability
Quick “add” buttons for adding text, graphics, photos, audio, video, RSS feeds and documents
Combine and add Notebook pages from other applications such as Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet
”Object level” sharing and versioning providing fine grain control of what is shared with others
Firefox and IE plug-ins for instant web clipping
Real-time, simultaneous editing and sharing of content
Skype integration for instant chat and IP telephony

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