Zoho Brings Zoho Projects to Google Apps Users

Zoho Press Releases Zoho Brings Zoho Projects to Google Apps Users

20 million Google Apps users gain access to Zoho’s project management software

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zoho today announced that Zoho Projects, the company’s online project management and team collaboration application is now integrated with Google Apps. The move brings Zoho Projects to Google Apps users, complete with unified login and embeddable gadget options. Zoho Projects for Google Apps will soon be available in the Google Solutions Marketplace. Additional information on this integration is available here. A video tour of Zoho Projects and Google Apps integration is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsf4cMrDw4o&feature=player_embedded.

"A lot of Google Apps users work with Zoho business applications like Zoho Projects, and we want to make that application mix work together as smoothly as the Zoho suite," said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"We believe that the choice of applications is best left to the user. If the user prefers Google for some functions and Zoho for others, we will support that. After all, we may compete with Google in certain areas, but we complement their application set in other areas. And we will continue to do so going forward."

Google Apps and Zoho Projects

Highlights of the Google Apps and Zoho Projects integration include a unified login, so Google Apps users can log into Zoho Projects using the usernames and passwords associated with their Google Apps accounts:

  1. On the Zoho Projects homepage, users will see "Sign in using Google Apps."
  2. The user clicks on the link to Google Apps to reach the Google Apps login page and submits his or her username and password.
  3. After granting permission for Zoho to access the Google Apps account information, the user is directed to Zoho Projects. No separate login is required for Zoho.

Once logged into Zoho Projects, users can upload their files from Google Apps and attach them to their projects. From Zoho Projects, users can then open, view and edit those files in the corresponding Zoho applications, e.g., Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, etc.

Additional highlights include:

  • Calendar integration. Meetings, Tasks, and Project milestones from the Zoho Projects calendar can be added automatically to a Google calendar.
  • Zoho Projects gadget. Zoho Projects is available as a Zoho Gadget that can be embedded in iGoogle, Gmail, Google Sites and other online applications that support OpenSocial.
  • Free first project. Zoho Projects is free for one project, so Google Apps users can try out the software without risk. For additional projects, prices start at $12 per month.

For additional information on Zoho Projects for Google Apps, please visit http://projects.zoho.com/google-apps.

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Zoho Press Releases Zoho Brings Zoho Projects to Google Apps Users
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