Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers had to say about their experience with Zoho Meeting

It is simple and easy to use. I have tried all of the others and have found none to compare to the simplicity of ZOHO Meeting. 
Don Darter
It's easy to use and affordable. 
David Silver
Candidate Metrics
It works like a charm :)
I use it for troubleshooting.
Ali Shabdar
It is easy for the end user to join a session, works as it should, and it is cheap
Adam Benn
Integrated with other Zoho services. Easy to use.
Andonisz Haronisz
Most affordable solution with premium features
Ariel Segall
Cloud Mobile Forms
We tried a lot of systems, which offer poor connection, are not user friendly or are too expensive. We are sticking to Zoho meeting: it is very easy to use, reliable and has a great pricing.
Simone Pourier
It's easy to set up & use. There is not a lot of complexity and the price can't be beat!
Janet Schick
Orlando Cold Calling
It is very Easy and Reliable.
David Anderson
easy to use
Bruce Silver
Franchise WorkForce
The ability to easily embed into my websites.
Russell Lee
simple interface, easy to access and use
Pete Eberbach
Very affordable, easy to schedule meetings, easy for customers to access the site without having to setup complicated links.
Miguel Cartagena
CFM Enterprises
the ability to conduct webinars and also provide remote access support with one single solution.
Josh Martin
Area Wide Protective​
It is priced reasonably.
We investigated several options, but found ZOHO meeting was a good fit for our needs and is as good as any other product, without the high cost.
Peter Johnson
Time Retrievers
Ease of use, cost, consistency with other Zoho platforms.
Kevin Kelly
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