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Zoho Exchange/ Outlook/ EML Migration Wizard

You can use the Zoho Email Migration Wizard to migrate the emails from multiple users accounts in Microsoft Exchange to the respective user mail accounts in the organization set up in Zoho Mail. The Email Migration Wizard supports the migration of emails in PST format or EML format to your Zoho Mail accounts. You can perform bulk migration from PST/ EML files of users to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail. 

Alternatively you can use the POP / IMAP Migration tool from the Control Panel, if your emails are available in the Server and your account supports IMAP or POP access. You can send an email to support@zohomail.com providing your requirements in detail, to get the download link for Zoho Email Migration Wizard by email, without any additional cost involved.

Zoho Exchange Migration Wizard | Zoho Mail PST Migration Wizard | Zoho Mail EML Migration 


Applications of  Migration Wizard: 

The Migration Wizard can be used to migrate the emails from different sources. 

  • Microsoft Exchange Server -  Migrate the email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes from Exchange Server accounts to the newly configured Zoho Mail Accounts of users.
  • Hosted Exchange - Administrator can use the migration tool on their local servers, connect to the Hosted Exchange Admin accounts and perform the migration.
  • PST / Outlook files - Migrate the email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes from the PST files of users, to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail. 
  • EML format (.eml) files - Migrate the emails in the universal .eml format, by zipping together files, to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail.

All the above migrations can be performed by the administrators for the user accounts. The users can migrate their own emails in the form of PST files or EML files, to Zoho Mail using the wizard. 


System Requirements - Before installation

The Migration Wizard has to be run on a Microsoft Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 Client Machine which has Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 or 2010 installed. (For migrating from Exchange Server or PST). The following run times should be installed in the system before installing the Zoho Migration Wizard, depending on the version of Windows Operating System installed in your system (32 bit or 64 bit).

  • Preinstalls for 32 bit Windows Sytems:
    • Microsoft .Net Frame Work 2.0 Run Time - Click here to download
    • J Sharp Run Time (J#), with a version compatible to the .NET Runtime listed above - Click here to download.
  • Preinstalls for 64 bit Windows Sytems:
    • In 64 bit machines, .Net 2.0 comes pre-installed in the systems
    • J Sharp Run Time (J#), with a version compatible to the .NET Runtime listed above - Click here to download 


The above run time libraries are currently available for download without any cost, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions provided in the respective websites and publishers.


Prerequisites to run the Wizard

  1. The Migration Wizard has to be run on a Microsoft Windows Client Machine with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above installed. (For migrating from Exchange Server or PST)
  2. A System Account in the Client Machine being used with Administrator privileges, to install and run the Migration Wizard.
  3. A minimum 2 GB of Disk Space in the client machine in which the Wizard is to be run
  4. In order to migrate from Exchange Server, an Exchange Administrator account with full access to the Mail boxes to be migrated.
  5. Zoho Mail Super Administrator account for the Organization, to which the email accounts are to be migrated.

Installation Process

The installation process is a one time process per system. Once istalled , the user/ administrator can execute the wizard any number of times as per the requirement. 

Steps to Install the Zoho Email Migration Wizard:
  1. Download the ZohoMigrationInstaller.exe from the link in the email from Zoho Tech Support.
  2. Double click on the setup.exe file to run the wizard.
  3. By default, the installation path is 'C:\Zoho\Zoho Mail Migration Wizard\'
  4. Follow the instructions in the screen to complete installation process.
  5. A shortcut to 'Zoho Mail Migration Wizard' is placed in the desktop for easier access.


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