What's New?

June 1st 2013

Archive Folders

We have made a small change in the interface, in accessing archived emails. The archived folders section has been removed from the left pane and has been added as view inside each folder. You can view the archived emails in the folder, by clicking View All >> Archived. Besides the Archive options in the right click provides you more options for archiving or unarchiving of the emails. Learn more.

May 27th 2013

Smarter Statistics

You can now get more details about your folders, at your finger clicks. Be it the number of unread emails in the folder or the number of emails with attachments or the size of the folder, in comparison with your mailbox. All the details are there in the Folder Statistics.

And yes.. you need to enable three-pane view, to view the folder statistics in the left pane. Learn more.

Easier attachments from Dropbox

Zoho Mail now provides a better integration with Dropbox. It not only allows you to add attachments to your email from Dropbox but also provides you the independence to save the received attachments directly to the Dropbox. Learn more.

January 22nd 2013


Seamless Integrations in Zoho Mail

Pin a note to your email

You would have always wanted to add some more details to an email you just received or sent to someone, for your future reference in context to the email. It may be a reminder for yourself or a reference to the scenario in which the email was sent or received, when you read the same email some time later or  in future.. That’s why we have added this new feature to add a note to the email. You can add a random note or a comment to the email, which you can refer back by clicking on the email. Learn more.

Turn email into an action item

Quite often our emails are more like action items than just communications. Hence creating a task from an email is important and linking the email to the task and vice versa is even more relevant. You can add a task from an email at the click of a mouse. You can also schedule reminders to your tasks, apart from setting Due date to an email. Learn more.

Get connected from your email

You can now get closer to the people in your email, if your Organization has subscribed to Zoho People also. Get to know their contact details at the click of the mouse, with this nice integration with Zoho People. If you are yet to trial Zoho People (10 users free!!), you have more reasons to try it now! Learn more.

Smarter Integration with Zoho CRM

You can directly add a sender as your CRM Contact/ Lead or add a CRM Task from the email. You can add CRM Tasks, Events, Notes and even Potential information directly from an email. Moreover, the contacts and leads available in Zoho CRM will be available in the auto fill list and in the address book, when you compose an email. Learn more.

Control your Spam Options:

You can now turn on/ off the Spam filter for incoming messages in Zoho Mail.The Spam filter is by default enabled and the spam messages are identified and moved to Spam folder. You can turn off the Spam processing at our end, in which case no spam control measures are applied at our end and all emails including possible spam emails will be delivered to your Inbox. Learn more.

POP Enhancement

When you access your email via POP clients, you can now choose to delete the emails in the server or retain a copy in the server, based on the option chosen in the POP section. Learn more.


Zoho Mail now supports IDLE support for IMAP clients. Hence when email clients indicate that they are ready to accept messages by issuing an IDLE command, the server responds to the command by providing new messages. This command is supported based on the clients, which support the IDLE command.

October 8th 2012

Filter Based Email Forwarding

Want to automatically forward certain emails to certain accounts? Want to automatically delegate certain work via email to your colleagues? Filter based Forwarding comes to your aid! Set up the correct filter rules, and have it forwarded to the Email address of your choice, for the emails, that match the conditions configured by you.Learn more.

February 6th 2011

New Features Added

Active Mobile Sync:

You have more reasons to choose Zoho Mail. The option to sync your Email, Contacts and Calendar is now available in Zoho mail for all users. The Super Admin can enable Active Sync from the Control panel for the business users.

Steps to enable Active Sync for users:

  1. Login as Admin/ Super Admin to mail.zoho.com
  2. Launch Control Panel » Mail Accounts
  3. You will see the Option Mobile Sync with the status Enabled or Disable
  4. Click on the Change link to toggle the Mobile Sync status
  5. Once the Mobile Sync is Enabled for the users, follow this link to configure your devices.

Progressive Filters:

Ever wondered why to have only one filter applied for an email, when it can match multiple filters you have set up. We have added some more functionality to the filters, using which, you can apply multiple filters with multiple actions on an email. All you have to do is remove the check mark on ‘Stop processing with this Filter’.You can now apply an action or a set of actions, for all incoming messages, irrespective of any criteria. We now have an additional option in the Zoho Mail filters, Match all incoming messages, using which you can set an action to Flag all incoming messages, or apply label to all incoming messages etc.Learn more

Better Event Management:

Manage your Calendar Invitations right from the mail itself. When you get a meeting invite you can not only view the event details, you can also accept or decline the event using the links added in the invitation email.Learn more

Easier Navigation:

Want to open the next email in the tab mode, without going back to the listing? Now you have the Previous and the Next buttons in the Tab and Pop up mode also, enabling you to quickly move to the subsequent emails.

Cleaner Contacts:

Do you want to stop your email recipients getting added to your contacts automatically? You can now control the auto-addition of recipients to your Contacts. To view and sort out your existing contacts based on the past usage, you can use the Contact Clean up tool.Learn more

Custom Time Format:

Need the flexibility to view the email time in 24 hour format without worrying about AM/ PM? Switch to the 24 hour format that is now available in Zoho Mail.Learn more

Flexible Email Archival:

You can now create custom Archive policies and associate different policies for different folders in your ?Mailbox. You can also choose not to archive certain folders.Learn more

Easier Mailbox Cleanup

Overwhelming number of messages in your Folders ? Want to have cleaner folders, leaving just the last 100 emails or the emails that arrived in the past month in each folder or particular folders ?
The Empty folder feature and Archive Folder feature now have additional options to clear or archive the emails in a particular folder based on date or count. You can choose to empty or archive all the emails in the folder, except the recent ‘n’ messages or delete the emails older than a particular date.Learn more

More Keyboard Shortcuts:

If you are a key savvy user, we have more good news for you in store. When navigating using arrow keys to read emails sequentially, upon reaching the end of list, pressing the down arrow automatically populates the list with the next set of emails and loads the next email. The same logic holds good for the up arrow as well. We have also added new Keyboard shortcuts to launch the ‘Composer tab in New Window’, perform ‘Advanced Search’, open ‘View all’ menu and to ‘Add email to Filter’.

Other Enhancements

Apart from the above list of features newly available, we have also made some enhancements and fixes to the already available features.

  • You can now view the number of emails in each folder, size etc under Folder details.
  • The IMAP view settings for Folders is now moved under the IMAP section. The Folders section in Settings has been now removed.
  • You can now move messages from Trash to Sent folder, which was not possible earlier.
  • Zoho Mail Editor now deals with the Font settings better than before.
  • The freezing issues in the Internet Explorer browser has been handled in this update.
  • Auto fill has been enhanced to be quicker than before
  • The minor bug in attachment download, when attachment name has special characters has been fixed

October 3rd 2011

Feature Enhancements

At Zoho Mail, we are constantly working on improving our performance and user experience too. After our recent update, we had a lot of feedback from users. We take user input seriously and we have made some quick changes based on your feedback.

Delete Icon

Many of you felt that the delete icon in the listing pane was quintessential for a clean mailbox and we did a mess up by removing it. We have now brought it back in the listing pane. You can delete emails using the small little cross to clear your way out.

Flag Icon

We also received collective feedback that, moving the flag to the right was not a productive move. Hence we have again brought back the old feel by moving the cute little flags to the left side of the pane.

Firefox 7

In Firefox 7, there was an issue with respect to adding attachments to emails. We have now fixed it and you can now add attachments in your Firefox 7 browser without any issues.

Include Archive by default

In Search, the Archives are included by default and hence we have removed the separate option which was available earlier.

September 29th 2011

3-pane Vertical Layout

Zoho Mail now sports a 3-pane vertical layout to suit the preferences of those of you with widescreen monitors! You can now choose between the familiar Classic Layout and the new Vertical Layout with the click of a button!

Flexible Search Options

Feeling all stuck trying to locate that important mail? Want more power and flexibility? Feel like tweaking a few options and rolling up your own customized search through the thousands of mails to narrow down on that single elusive mail? We heard you! Try the new Power Search feature, and nail that mail!

Customize "Add to Docs"

Untitled1.doc, Untitled2.doc, attachment.jpg, okay, okay.. we get the drift. Starting today, you can rename files and attachments when you add them to Zoho Docs!

Efficient Follow-ups

The Follow-Up flag in email got even better! When you add a "Follow Up" flag to a message, you can associate a task too! And adding reminders to tasks attached to messages makes getting things done easier and more effective!

List Mails from Sender

Earlier, clicking on the sender name listed all the emails from the sender in that folder in a separate tab. The feature is now just a click away. Instead of clicking on the Sender name, right click on the sender name and choose the option 'List Mails from Sender'.

And a turbo boost too!

Some performance enhancements and optimization from the engineers at Zoho Mail now lets you send and receive emails at the blink of an eye. We"re sure you"ll like the much faster page loading and preview times too!

June 13th 2011

Show/Hide Navigation Pane

With just a single click, you can now show and hide the applications navigation pane to maximize the page view. If you think that Zoho Mail Suite navigation pane takes much of your screen space, you can now easily hide it to maximize the view. Click on the icon over the vertical bar to hide the navigation pane. To show the hidden pane, just click on the expand icon.

March 23rd 2011

Desktop Notifications*

You can now know the arrival of new Email without leaving your current window. Zoho Mail has come up with Desktop Notifications, which will display alerts in your desktop, when new Emails arrive in your Mailbox. There will be a small pop-up in your desktop with the information about number of new messages. Learn More
*The feature is available in Chrome 6+ browsers only.

Sort Folders Alphabetically

Many of you have been requesting for a feature to sort folders alphabetically. We have now provided you a customizable option, wherein you can choose between alphabetical sorting of Folders and custom arrangement of folders through Drag and Drop Learn More

Drag and Drop Labels

To label a message, simply drag the label and drop it over the message in the list. Just drag and drop the Labels to change order in which it is displayed.

Multiple Signatures

You can now configure multiple signatures and associate them with your multiple accounts. You can insert, switch or even remove signature from the Compose Window itself. When you choose Insert signature and select a Signature from Composer, the current signature in the Compose window will be replaced with the selected signature. Learn More

Insert Email Templates

You can now use Templates more efficiently using the Insert from Template option in the Composer. You can insert or add saved Templates in the message you compose, giving you more flexibility working with redundant mails. Just like signature, you can insert Templates into the email without losing the currently typed in content.

IMAP Expunge Option

We have been receiving a lot of requests from many of you for the Expunge feature in IMAP, i.e, deletion of messages in the Server when deleted from the IMAP client. We have now kept up our promises in this update. You can now set up your choice whether to expunge remove messages immediately from Zoho Mail web interface when deleted from IMAP client or not. You can set this in the IMAP Access section in the Mail Settings page.

More Compose Options

If you regularly use the features like Ask Receipt or Addresses in Bcc, you need not have the burden of setting them each and every time you open the compose window. You can conveniently set it up in the Settings page, to Always Ask Read Receipt and Always Show Bcc Text box respectively.Learn More

Key Up with Zoho Mail

If you are Key-Savvy user, there is more for you in Zoho Mail. Keyboard Shortcuts are now customizable. You can now define your most favorite/ comfortable key combinations for the oft-repeated Zoho Mail Actions done by you. Learn More

Load Images

To protect your identity from spammers who use techniques like linking embedding images to spam you, the external Images linked to your Email messages are now hidden. You can now decide on whether the images can be displayed and even set up your choices using the option 'Load External Images' in the My Preferences page.

Customizable Archive Policy

Zoho Mail triggers the archive process, based on a default policy for all mail boxes. Now we have given you the control to customize the Policy based on your requirements. You can now specify a count of messages crossing which the Archive Process with start. Moreover, you can also specify parameters to decide on which messages can be archived and which messages has to be left in the Inbox itself. With custom flexible Policy setting available for folders, you can have a more optimized and organized mailbox.

POP Retrieval of SPAM Messages

Zoho Mail now allows you to choose whether you want to download messages classified as Spam to your POP clients or not. You can now be assured that you do not miss any genuine messages in your POP clients, inadvertently marked as Spam.

Increase in File Size for Import Messages

The maximum file size in the Import messages section has been increased from 60 MB to 200MB. This means you can now import more messages in a single file upload.

Increase in File Size for Import Messages

The maximum file size in the Import messages section has been increased from 60 MB to 200MB. This means you can now import more messages in a single file upload.

October 14th 2010

Get More collaborative with Zoho Mail !

Zoho Mail

Access Calendar, Mail, Tasks, Notes, Links all from the same window!

Drag & Drop Attachments*

The much awaited feature to drag and drop attachments to your emails is now available in Zoho Mail. Simply select the file to be attached from your system, drag and drop it over the drop area with the text "Drop your files here" in the email composer.
* The feature is available in Firefox 3.6 + and Chrome 6+ browsers only.

Multi Select Attachments*

You can now add multiple attachments to your email in Zoho Mail in a jiff! In the attachment select dialog, select multiple attachments pressing Ctrl and add it to your email in a single click!
* The feature is available in Firefox 3.6 + and Chrome 6+ browsers only.

Sort by Size

Sort by Mail Size is now available in Zoho Mail. In addition to the Sort by Date, Subject and Sender, Zoho Mail now provides you the option to sort by the total size of the mail. You can easily locate the mails that are largest in size in your mailbox by just a click.

Add to CRM - Leads/ Events

Zoho Mail has provided the 'Add to CRM - Leads' and 'Add to CRM - Events' for CRM users in addition to the existing 'Add to CRM - Contacts' available already. If you are a CRM user, you can directly link an email to your Leads or Events section by clicking the 'Add to CRM' and selecting Leads/ Events.

Calendar Preview

Zoho Mail has added Calendar preview! You can directly preview your calendar invitations by Clicking the 'Preview' option in the Attachment area even before adding the event to your calendar!

Attach from Shared Zoho Docs

If you are a Zoho Docs user, you can now attach the files shared with you to Zoho Mail in a snap. In 'Attach from Zoho Docs' dialog, you will see a new section 'Shared Docs', which allows you to select a file, from the list of files shared with you, as an attachment.

July 3rd 2010

Click, Drag & Drop Folders

The much awaited feature to move folders is now available in Zoho Mail. The folders can be moved by just a drag and drop. Select the folder that needs to be moved. Drag and drop it over the desired destination folder or to the desired position. The folder and its entire contents would now be moved in a single step.

July 3rd 2010

Create Folders in a single click

Now create folders/ sub-folders in a single click. Folders help to classify and organize the emails in an efficient way.
To create a new sub-folder just right click on the parent folder, select �Subfolder� and Type in a desired name.
To rename a folder Double-Click the name to edit, or Right-Click and select the �Rename� option.

Label it! Color it!

A whole new palette is available for labels. Now, choose the label colors from the wide range of colors made available to distinguish between multiple labels. To change the color of a label, just click on the small square to the left of the label to open the palette and choose the desired color.

Customize Label display

Customize the look and feel of the labels in the Message view pane. A new feature to display the complete labels has been added to efficiently organize and classify the messages. The default setting is to display the complete label(s) in the message listing plane. The display option can be toggled, by choosing 'With Name' or 'Only Colour' for 'Label Display' under common settings.

View the Message Size

Message size can now be viewed from the Message listing pane. This feature is very useful when the messages need to be compared for size. The view can be customized either to display or to hide the message size as per the requirement.

Sort the Messages by Subject/ Sender

The messages can be now sorted by the sender or the subject in the message listing pane. To sort by sender/subject, just click the label 'From'/'Subject' in the message listing pane. A small triangle pointing upwards (ascending)/downwards (descending) will be displayed next to the label clicked.The messages will get listed in the chosen order.

Drag and drop to change POP Accounts order

When multiple POP accounts are configured, the users can now determine their preferred order to fetch emails from the multiple accounts. The order for the multiple POP accounts can now be changed by just drag and drop. Under common settings, select POP accounts tab. In the tab, change the list order to the desired order by drag and drop. Select �Save� in the confirmation dialog. The order of preference gets changed in the selected list order.

Open Message in tab

Message settings can be customized to open the message in a new tab. The default setting will open the message in the preview pane. This can be changed by choosing �Popup� or �Tab� from the �Open message in� option under common settings.

April 4th 2010

IMAP Access

You can now enable IMAP Access for your Zoho Mail account hosted to Zoho by yourself. All you have to do is go to Settings --> Personalize --> Email Forwarding & POP/IMAP-> Enable IMAP access and click on Save. Learn More

POP Access

You can now enable POP Access for your Zoho Mail account hosted to Zoho by yourself. All you have to do is go to Settings --> Personalize --> Email Forwarding & POP/IMAP-> Enable POP access and click on Save.Learn More


Zoho Mail can now be spiced up with 10 new predefined themes available under settings page. Applying "Theme" will modify the look and feel of the Zoho Mail account. Try out our new themes by clicking on Settings --> Common Settings --> Themes.

Managing Mail attachments using Zoho Docs

Instead of downloading attachments to your desktop, you can now upload mail attachments to Zoho Docs. To upload, click the new option "Add to Docs" added in the attachment icon and in mail view. With this feature, you become a true inhabitant of the cloud and can share your files ease too!

Compose and Fetch now more prominent

"Compose" and "Fetch" options are moved to left pane, right above the folders list to enable easy access.
Another significant utility is that you can choose to open the compose window either in a new "tab" or in a "new window". Click on the drop down menu next to the compose button and select one of the two options from the drop down list.

"Add-To" Option

Previously, �More Options� which was available on the top right corner of the mail split window had options to "Add Filter", "Add to CRM" and "Add to Task". In this enhancement, a special pick list is provided, featuring these options. Additionally, an option to add contact has been included.
With this option, it's now possible to add the sender email address directly into the contact list. Click on Add to --> Contact. Doing so will display an 'Add Contact dialog box' with fields such as first, middle and last names, nick name, email address and phone number. Of these, name and email address will populate automatically. Clicking on �save� will now add the email address to contacts.

Outgoing Mail Font Settings

In the earlier version of Zoho Mail, the font family of the layout alone was changeable. Now it's possible to modify the font of outgoing mail too. To access this option, Settings --> My preferences --> Compose options --> Font family for outgoing mail. Most commonly used fonts are available to choose from the drop down menu.

View Labeled mails of Folder

Zoho Mail offers both Folder and Labels support. When a mail folder is selected, in the right menu item "View All", a new option "Labels" is added. One can view labeled mail related to that particular folder by using this feature.

Enhanced 'Move To' option

The new "Move To" is light and easy to use with sub-menus for sub folders so that, there is no confusion even in case of duplicate folder names.

Enhanced Switching between Mail Accounts

The drop-down option to navigate between multiple accounts has been changed to separate bars for each account on the left side tree. This makes you easier for navigating between different accounts. As an additional benefit, this displays the number of unread count of all the accounts without traversing.

Managing Labels simplified

Creating labels and classifying mail with them has just got easier. The new Label view allows you to add/remove multiple labels easily. Label view can be accessed by clicking the label icon in mail list and in mail view pane.

View Garbled Content

When you view an email in Zoho Mail, does it appear garbled?
If the message contains characters that are not supported by your default text encoding, the message text might look all corrupt and garbled.
To overcome this situation, you should change the 'Encoding' format in your browser. Choose 'Message Garbled' option from the set of icons on the top right hand side of the split mail and based on the type of your browser and follow the instructions given below:
Encoding in Internet Explorer

  • Click View menu in the browser tool bar and select Encoding.
  • Choose an encoding that matches the language you think the original message is written in from the list.

Encoding in Firefox

  • Click View menu in the browser tool bar and select Character Encoding.
  • Choose an encoding that matches the language you think the original message is written in from the list.

Encoding in Google Chrome

  • Click Control the current page available in the browser tool bar and select Encoding.
  • Choose an encoding that matches the language you think the original message is written in from the list.

Encoding in Safari

  • Click View available in the browser tool bar and select Text Encoding.
  • Choose an encoding that matches the language you think the original message is written in from the list.

Dec 02 2009

Attach Google Docs in Zoho Mail

Files to be attached to a mail can also be done from Google Docs if you have already saved your files in Google. Accessing this option is similar to Add Zoho Docs, where you have to click on "Attach", and select "Google Docs" from the list of options. You will then be prompted to browse for the files you wish to attach.

Add Quote

In an email, if there is any specific text that you would like to highlight, then you could use the "Quote" feature. Clicking on this button will display a horizontal highlighted strip on which you can type important text.

Nov 30 2009

Zoho Mail Integration with Tasks

Tasks is a set of actions that have to be performed in a sequence based on priority. By associating Zoho Mail with Task in Zoho Business, you can create tasks from within Mail application itself. To create a task related to a mail, open that mail first and then click on "Add to Task", provided under more options. You can assign priorities to those tasks to know which one you should attend to first.

Nov 17 2009

Labels Specific to Email Accounts

If we support multiple mailboxes in your Zoho mail account, then we rightly thought we should help you manage your other mail accounts too. It is why we have provided labels that could be dedicated for a mail account.

Edit as New

If you wish to edit a mail that was sent to you and divert it to someone, then "Edit as New" option would convert the mail as your new composition. The original mail that you got would have the entire conversation, but when you edit as new, It will look like the original mail by itself.

Jul 28 2009

Email Archive

Email archive is a feature that rids your conventional mail which you have had for quite some time. It activates itself when the number of mail in your mail box explodes beyond 75000 and also emails which have busted your mailbox for more than three months will also be archived automatically. When auto archive is activated, you would notice an "Archive Folders" section right below your regular folder tree.

Email Templates

If you are one who prefers predefined templates, here is how you can customize them. After you type the text in the compose window, click on the button, "Save Template". This will save the existing mail as a template in the "Template" folder. Clicking on this template will open the compose window from which you can forward the template as it is or edit it before sending.

Add to Zoho CRM

Managing your personal as well as business contacts is made easy by merging them. Clicking on "Add to CRM" which is listed under "More Options" would add the contact to Zoho CRM if it is not present already. Adding a contact to Zoho CRM from Zoho Mail not only adds the email address to CRM but you also have an option to assign a task . You will be prompted to add the contact to Zoho CRM first and then a dialog box appears for adding a task.

Add Filters

Previously, adding a filter had to be done only in "Settings", but now a quick add utility is introduced in "More Options". As you click on this option, you will get a drop down list on which one of the items would be "Add Filter". Clicking on this will display a filter addition dialog box with minimal fields. Creating filters can be very helpful in reducing the traffic in the Inbox, and diverting them to respective folders. Managing your mail can be made convenient if filters are intensively used.

Search Options

A massive pile of mail can be really frustrating when you need one particular mail, but do not know which one or where to find it. Here is when a search filter comes in handy. It helps in reducing the search time as you can exclude the archived mail when you are sure it does not have what you are looking for. It is not only the archives, but ten other search filters such as subject, content, sender, etc. All eleven filters can be viewed by clicking on the inverted arrow denoting the search options on the search box.

May 15th 2009

Attach from Zoho Docs

The purpose of this feature is to make attaching files easier than it was before. Files can be attached from Zoho Docs and from your desktop. When you have the compose mail window open, click on "Attach". This menu will display the above mentioned options, from which you can select Zoho Docs. Browse the file you want to attach from Zoho Docs and click OK. Attaching multiple files has been supported.

Zoho Chat Integration

To make it more convenient to deliver a short conversation without navigating away from the Mail application, we have integrated Zoho Chat.

May 6th 2009

Compose in Tab

Now compose your mails in a new tab instead of a window. Zoho Mail lets you create a new message in a separate tab which is more convenient, faster and user friendly.

Mail Drag and Drop

Need to move mails to specific folders? Just select the mail and drag it to the required folder! Its a simple drag and drop that cuts down on selecting a mail and moving it around.

View Attachment in tab

Open your attachments in a new tab instead of a window so that its easier for you to switch tabs between mails and attachments. Open attachments that include documents, spreadsheets or even presentations.

Keyboard shortcut for Delete

Wish to wipe out the unwanted emails? Just select the mail, press "Del" button and you will find the email wiped out to trash.

February 23rd 2009

Attach from Docs

From now on, you can attach documents to your Zoho Mail directly from Zoho Docs, rather downloading them to your machine and then attaching the document to the mail.
We heard what you asked us for... So we came up with a thought to implement it...
Here are the steps:

  1. Click "Attach from Docs" button while composing a new email or replying to an email.
  2. List of documents you have in Zoho Docs is displayed.
  3. Choose the required document(s) and click "OK" button to get the document attached.

Oh.. You have saved it in a folder in Zoho docs? No worries.. you can even attach documents that are within a folder.

  1. Compose an email and click "Attach from Docs" button.
  2. Double click on the Folder that contains the attachment.
  3. Select the required document(s) and click "OK".

Then double click to open the folder and choose the file.

January 8th 2009

Import/Export mails

The emails can imported or exported to/from the Zoho Mails. Import/Export option is account specific. To import/export emails go to Settings>Personalize ,Import/Export Mails.

Importing emails into Zoho Mail:

To import the emails, the emails need to be either in .eml files or .zip files format.
You can import emails from other email clients in the above said formats of maximum 40 Mb size.
Normally the import takes an hour time to import them to your accounts.

Exporting emails from Zoho Mail:

Emails can be exported as a zip file from your folders. You can export emails from any folders other than the Trash, Outbox and the spam folders.Similar to the importing emails, export also takes an hour time to export them.After an hour, you will be receiving a notification email with a link to download the zip files.

October 10th 2008

POP Download Support for Zoho Mail

You can download your @zoho.com emails over TLS in email clients of your choice. The required configurations are

Incoming Mail (POP3)

mailpop.zoho.com Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

Use Authentication: Yes
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 465

POP Account User Name:

your full email address (including @zoho.com) [full email address]

SMTP Account User Name:

your full email address (including @zoho.com) [full email address]

Email Address:

your email address (username@zoho.com)


your Zoho password.

Customize "From" address for your Zoho Mail Account

If you have forwarded emails of other mail accounts to your Zoho Mail account, or if your ZohoAccount is part of an email alias and you would like that email Id to be listed as your "From" address along with your Zoho Mail account, this is what you need to do,

  1. GoTo Settings->Common Settings->My Preferences
  2. Under "Account Details" -> Click on the "Add another email address" link
  3. You will be prompted with a dialog box, where you will need to enter the "Display Name" and "Email Id" -> The Display Name will be the name part of the email Id that is going to be added.
  4. Once you click on "Send Verfication" , a mail with a confirmation code will be sent to the "Email Id" that you have added in Step 3.
  5. Upon receiving the "Verification email", copy the confirmation code and enter it in the Zoho Mail settings page.
  6. If Step 5 is successfull, the new email id will also be listed as your "From" address in the Zoho Mail composer.

Zoho Mail as Default Mail To Application (Default Composer)

Steps to set Zoho Mail as Default Composer in Firefox

If you want to set Zoho Mail as the default application for sending mail, it is now possible if you are using Firefox 3.0.x Version or above.

  1. Click the drop down next to Compose button
  2. Click "Set Zmail as Default". You will be prompted to add Zmail as an application for mailto links.
  3. A prompt appears in the top-bar with 'Add Application' button. Click 'Add Application'.
  4. From browsers Menu bar, Select Tools -> Options -> Applications. Locate �mailto� in Content Type and Select �Use ZMail� as action.

Once you make these changes, every time you click on an Email Address in Firefox to compose a new email, Zoho Mail composer will open automatically.

Steps to set Zoho Mail as Default Composer for Internet Explorer and Chrome

Follow the steps mentioned below in case of Internet Explorer and Chrome.

  1. Click Start -> Run -> type Regedit -> Click OK
  2. Right click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and select New -> Key and name it as mailto
  3. Now right click on mailto, select New -> Key and name it as shell
  4. Continue right clicking on shell and select New -> Key and name it as open
  5. Finally right click again on open and select New -> Key and name it as command
  6. Click on command and at the right pane you should see the name (Default) with the type as REG_SZ.
  7. Double click on Default and set the following data:
    For Internet Explorer:
    "<System Path where Internet Explorer is installed> " https://zmail.zoho.com/mail/compose.do?extsrc=mailto&mode=compose&tp=zb&ct=%1
    For Chrome:
    "<System Path where Chrome is installed>" --app=https://zmail.zoho.com/mail/compose.do?extsrc=mailto&mode=compose&tp=zb&ct=%1


  • System Path where browsers are installed - You can also right click the Shortcut to the browser, and copy the contents in the 'Target'

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