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Zoho Mail provides you multiple options to manage your attachments.

View Attachments

When you receive office file types or images as attachments to your emails, you can directly view the content of the attachment using the Zoho Writer/ Sheet or Show for compatible file types. This provides you the freedom, to not download all the attachments to your local system. 

The following table provides you the list of supported attachment types and the Zoho Application, which is used to view the attached file without download.

Attachment Type View Option
xlsx, xls, sxc, ods, csv, tsv View In Zoho Sheet
docx, doc, sxw, odt, rtf View in Zoho Writer
ppt, pps, odp, sxi View in Zoho Show
jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, htm,html Viewed in browser
ics Add to Zoho Calendar

Download Attachments

You can download and save your attachments from your email to your local system. Additionally, Zoho Mail provides you the option to download as a single zip file, when your email has multiple attachments.

Save to Zoho Docs

You can save your attachment files to Zoho Docs, which enables you to access your files from anywhere/ anytime. Further you can choose any folder to which you want your attachment file to be saved from Zoho Mail itself. With the attach from Zoho Docs option, you can manage the files with ease using this integration with Zoho Docs.

Upload to Dropbox

Zoho Mail provides you a two-way integration with DropBox, cloud storage provider, to manage your files from Zoho Mail itself.  You can also upload an incoming email attachment directly to your Dropbox account, providing you the independence to manage your email attachments from anywhere/ anytime. 

You can also add an attachment to your email from your DropBox account. 



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