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If you have already installed the Wizard in your system, select the last link to view the instructions to execute the Wizard.

The Exchange Migration Wizard can be used to migrate Emails directly from a Exchange Sever or from a Hosted Exchange environment.

The wizard has to be executed only by an user with Administrator rights in the Client machine. The destination email accounts needs to be created in Zoho before the Migration process. If you want to provision the users to Zoho Mail from your Exchange server environment, it involves a different tool. Contact support@zohomail.com, with your organization details, to get the wizard. 

Steps to execute the Exchange Migration Wizard:

  1. Launch the wizard using the desktop shortcut or run the wizard using ZohoMigrationWizard.exe file in the installation path under \Zoho\Zoho Migration Wizard\bin folder. 
  2. The Introduction dialog of the Wizard appears. Select Exchange Migration from the options and click Next
  3. Make sure that the Exchange server is accessible from your system. Provide the Domain name, Server Name and Admin User name. Click Next.
  4. If you are migrating from Hosted Exchange, select 'Yes' for Hosted Exchange, provide the domain name, In case you are migrating from Hosted Exchange, provide the Domain name, select "Yes" for Hosted Exchange and select the Administrator Profile in Outlook from the Drop down. Click Next.
  5. Provide the Zoho Admin credentials and click 'Get Domains'
  6. The Destination domain drop down will be populated with the list of domains added for the Organization associated with the particular Admin User.
  7. From the list of domains, select a domain and click on Next.
  8. In the next dialog that appears, choose the Items you want to migrate.
  9. If you want to migrate only the email data from a specific time period, specify that in the exclude mail option, else select 'All'.
  10. In case you have any exclude folder list, add it in the exclude folder list. Any folders and the sub-folders under a folder specified here, will be skipped during migration.
  11. In the next step, you need to choose the users who need to migrated. The users can be selected via LDAP method, GAL method or from a text file.
    1. LDAP Method: You can use the LDP query method, if you have the user list in your LDAP Server.
      1. If you click LDAP Query, a LDAP query window appears
      2. Provide the LDAP Server Name and the DN Name
      3. Provide the filter criteria
      4. Specify the Authentication criteria
      5. Specify whether the sub-trees should be included in search or not and Click OK
      6. The LDAP Query will return a user set.
    2. GAL Method: You can use this method to fetch users from the Global Address List.
      1. If you click GAL fetch, GAL Fetch user select window opens
      2. Provide the Filter criteria for selecting users and Click OK. Example: A* or use* etc.
      3. The GAL fetch will return a user set.
    3. Text File Method: You can also simply create a text file with the list of email addresses
      1. Each line in the text file denotes the email address of the user to be migrated
      2. The source and the destination email addresses should be the same
  12. The current Email ID and the New Email Id populated by one of the methods will be listed.
  13. Once the accounts has been populated, verify the Summary, and click Next.
  14. Click the 'Verify' button, to check the existence of the accounts in Zoho.
  15. Once you click Next, the migration process will begin transferring of data from your Exchange account to Zoho Mail.
  16. After all the accounts have been migrated, you will get a notification message.
  17. You can click on 'More Details' to view a detailed Migration summary.
  18. In case there are any migration errors, it will be displayed in the Migration Information page.


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