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Business Email Hosting with Zoho

Zoho Mail provides enterprise Email Hosting features, which suits the requirements of different types and sizes of organizations. The entire process is simple, and you can get custom domain based email address for all the members of organization, with no down time. The steps to migrate your Email Hosting to Zoho is explained below.

Add Domain | Verify Domain | Create Users | Configure MX Records | Email Migration

The 'Features' page provides you an overview of the Zoho Webmail and Admin Control Panel advantages. Small Businesses can benefit from our 'Lite' plan which is free for custom domain based email. The administrator can make use of the 10 accounts for a single domain, with POP/ IMAP, Active Sync and extensive control options, which are free and more importantly ad-free. 

The Large and Medium enterprises can benefit from our Standard plans, which is priced competitively at $2 per month per user, when paid annually. The Super Admin can choose for a trial of 30 days, without any strings attached to try out and switch to Zoho Mail Suite. The detailed information is available in our Pricing page. 

The process to switch from your current Email service provider to Zoho is very simple and depicted in the below image. The migration can be processed without any downtime, and the email migration tools will help you to bring in or copy your existing email data to the respective Zoho Mail accounts. 

Step 1: Add and Verify the domain or buy a domain. 
Step 2: Add users and Create Email Accounts (or) Import Users
Step 3: Create Groups (You can run Test Migration from your provider to Zoho for 2/3 users).
Step 4: Configure the MX records of your domain to point to Zoho Servers, to start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho. 
Step 5: Once you start receiving emails, perform Email Migration for rest of the users.

For more help in Mail Administration Console Panel, refer this help page.

Manage your Business with Zoho

Zoho Mail Suite and the entire set of apps caters to the collaborative communication requirements of small, medium and large enterprises. From domain registration, user management and administrative set up, Zoho Mail Suite provides the complete control and security of the data for the enterprise users.

The powerful suite of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Links that also comes with a shared document storage and an integrated messenger (Zoho chat) provides a great plan for the organizations to manage their businesses, without having to manage any complex and expensive hardwares, softwares or version updates and mismatches.  

Startups can start with registering their desired domain name with Zoho Mail Suite. This ensures that their domain is preconfigured for email hosting with Zoho. The admin just need to create users to start using Zoho Mail. The other steps that involves domain verification and MX configuration is taken care when the domain has been registered through Zoho. 

Zoho mail offers all the above mentioned features without harming the users privacy and without compromising security of data. Zoho mail does not display ads even for the free users. 


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