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Zoho mail offers ‘Archive’ feature, using which you can protect your old, currently unused email data for reference at a future date. When you move a message to archive the email is in the same foler, which makes it easier for reference and retrieval.

  • The unread messages in the Archive are not included in the total unread count.
  • If you choose to delete any messages or folders from archive, the messages are deleted permanently and are not moved to trash.

Auto-Archive is the process where archival process is triggered based on the Archive Options

Archive Multiple Messages

  • Select the messages you want to add archive.
  • In the Listing pane command bar, select ‘Archive’.

The messages will be moved to the Archive folders. A directory tree will be created similar to the directory tree in Inbox, if it does not exist already.

Archive Folder

You can archive the messages in the folder using the Archive options available in the Right click. Right Click on a folder and select Archive Options. The following options will be available to archive or unarchive the messages in the folder.

  • Archive messages
    • 'Archive Entire Folder' - All the messages in the folder will be Archived and the messages will be moved under the same folder in Archive folders.
    • Archive messages that arrived upto date' - This option helps you to archive the messages based on date. When you choose a date here, the messages that arrived prior to the particular date will be archived and moved under Archive folders.
    • 'Archive all messages except the recent n messages' - This option helps you to archive messages based on count. When you specify a count here, the specified number of messages will be retained in the folder. The rest of the messages will be archived and moved under Archive Folders.
  • Unarchive all archived messages - The option unarchives all the archived messages in the folder
  • Delete all archived messages  - This will delete all the archived messages

Unarchive Multiple Messages

  • Click View All >> Archived to view all the archived messages in a folder
  • Select the messages you want to un-archive.
  • From the Listing pane command menus, select ‘Un-Archive’.

The messages will be unarchived and will be listed under the View all Archived option and will be available for IMAP access.

Unarchive Folder

You can also unarchive an entire folder. To un-archive a folder, right click, select Archive options and choose unarchive all archived messages options.



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