Integrating with Zoho Support

Customer Support Completely Integrated

Zoho LiveDesk gives you one–click ability to link with a complete multi-channel help desk, Zoho Support.

Add live chat to your existing customer–support database in Zoho Support instantly, for free, and provide instant help to your customers. With the ability to chat with your customers within the context of your existing support relationships, you improve the strength of your entire customer–engagement sphere.

Save time

Avoid redundancies and solve all of a customer's problems instantly. While you chat you will be able to view related, open and recent tickets to get a deeper view into the customer. With the full context you chat quicker and solve multiple open issues in one, instant interaction.

Keep it clean

Your chats are logged as requests alongside your other channels inside Zoho Support, so all your customer support interactions are organized in one place.

Context is King

Support your customers within the context of your existing relationship, not in a vacuum. With instant access to a customer’s relevant details including account information and related SLAs, a snapshot of your recent interactions, and one-click ability to dig deeper, you are armed with the information you need to provide world class customer support, instantly.

Missed chats, no problem

Miss a chat, don't worry, as a request is immediately created inside Zoho Support. Live chat seamlessly fits into your existing support processes to ensure all your customers receive stellar support.

The perfect match

From the moment you link your LiveDesk to Zoho Support, your departments with matching names are instantly linked. Or simply choose which chats go where in Zoho Support with easy, click-to configuration.

Unite it all

Chat with curious website visitors. Have your pre-sales team answer potential customers questions quickly. Support customers and solve their problems instantly. With LiveDesk working in tandem with your existing systems and organization, chat improves interactions for your whole team.

Maximize the value of each-and-every visit. Add live chat to your site and start wowing your customers by delivering instantaneous support.

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