Setup & customize quickly.

Setup within 2 minutes.

Setting up LiveDesk for your website is easy as launching an App on your phone. Copy paste the code snippet before the body tag, live chat for your website is ready.

Are you a non-techie? need assistance in setting up live chat software for your website, blog or online store. LiveDesk help is just a click away, our support team will be glad to assist you in setting up the software.

Flexible to Customize.

LiveDesk can be customized easily and extensively. Optimize the live chat experience of your website visitors.Customize the chat widget to be in syn with your branding. Personalize the welcome message, add your company's logo or agents head-shot and configure the live chat waiting time.

Chat departments.

Segregating your live chat team into specific departments enhances the online experience of your website visitors. Time taken to reach the right agent will be cut down drastically.

Visitors will be answered without being transferred from one rep to another.

Canned Responses.

Gaze into the future with instant access to a prospects questions as they type.

Triggering a canned response is just a keystroke away 100's of prospects might come on your website asking for a coupon code to take advantage of an offer, counter attack instantly with canned responses and wow them with your instant responses.

JavaScript APIs.

Here's to the geeky ones! our JavaScript APIs are easy-to-use, quick-to-implement and designed to customize live chat left, right and center.

Engage website visitors by showing an Ad during chat waiting time, integrate with Google Analytics or add contextual chat buttons to your online store. Customize LiveDesk to your heart's content.

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