Live Chat for your Mobile Devices

Support Customers from your Mobile Devices

Unleash your customer support operation and empower your agents to chat with
customers from anywhere and everywhere.

Zoho LiveDesk was built to improve the quality of your customer support, increase your operation’s efficiency, and ease the support experience for both your customers and agents. With the easy ability to link LiveDesk to your mobile devices and favorite chat clients—your agents will discover just how easy customer support can be. Customers love the convenience of live chat and your agents will love the freedom to connect with customers however, and wherever, they choose.

Easy fits everyone

Engineered to support the Jabber/XMPP chat protocol, with LiveDesk you can connect with your customers from any mobile chat client that supports the standard. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone… You name it. With easy access to your customers through Jabber-based clients on all mobile platforms, the only thing limiting the reach of your live support operation is your imagination. Even link your LiveDesk up and chat with customers through iChat or other desktop chat clients, so it is easy for everyone on your team to get involved in customer support where they already chat with friends and coworkers everyday.

Easy to setup

Hook your mobile chat clients to your LiveDesk in a snap. With quick access to the customized settings you need to connect mobile clients to your LiveDesk, it is easy to give your agents the power to chat with customers from anywhere and everywhere.

Easily connect with customers

Connect and engage with customers in real-time, wherever, from the chat apps your agents already use on their devices. Unlock the customer supporting power of every phone and tablet, and give your agents the unmatched freedom to delight customers from wherever.

Supporting customers has never been easier

Help customers on the go, from a boat, even while waiting on your flight. Wherever you are, the unmatched customer service power of your LiveDesk is there with you. With easy-to-use tools available through an interactive chat window, you get an accurate picture of your customer instantly (including details from your linked Zoho CRM account), can add notes to a chat, and even block spammers, all from any mobile device.

Mobile teamwork made easy

Chat with fellow agents right from your buddy list. Stay updated on your whole operation and share tips and tricks to all agents through the message board. Even invite fellow agents to join an active chat and together provide team support. With Zoho LiveDesk for mobile, communicating and collaborating is easy-as-pie.

Transfer chats with ease

Even while chatting from a mobile device, you have the power to transfer customers to other agents. Need to run, or take a quick break, or know an agent who is better equipped to help with a customer’s issue? Easily transfer the chat to another agent right from inside the chat window on your mobile device.

Complex organization, easy access

Engage with customers from across multiple sites, companies and departments, all from your mobile device. However your customer support operation is organized—complex or not—easily support all your customers across your LiveDesk no matter where you are.

Maximize the value of each-and-every visit. Add live chat to your site and start wowing your customers by delivering instantaneous support.

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