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Chat connects: quick and easy.

We use it daily to check-in with our coworkers and friends, because it is the absolute easiest way to connect. Less obtrusive than a phone call, less formal than an e-mail, more private than a forum post—chat is perfect for customers seeking support. It is time you add your customers to your buddy list, and give them instant access to the easiest, most personalized support.

Discover how quick and easy customer support can be with live support chat on your mobile devices.

Easy for you

Easy for youAnswer more questions, wow more customers, convert more support tickets into solutions, all in less time.

Easy for all

Easy for allFor your customers the power to connect with your support in one-click is the definition of easy.

Empower Your Customers with Live Accessibility

Easily embed click-to-chat capability into any, and every, space where your customers search for answers about your products or services. You have customers, they have questions, Zoho LiveDesk effortlessly connects you, your customers and the support solutions they crave.

Elevate Your Customers

Elevate Your CustomersZoho LiveDesk gives your customers the quick support they deserve, the tools they need to share their feedback, and even the ability to rate their agent.

Click-to-chat, chat-to-answers

Click-to-chat, chat-to-answersWith the ability to initiate chats right from your site, your customers can connect with you, find the solution they need and get back to their business.

Customer Support, Streamlined

Take the integral elements of world-class customer support, scrap away the complexities, idiosyncrasies and lag of cumbersome help desk software—and voilà—Zoho LiveDesk. If Sun Tzu had written the "Art of Customer Service," he'd use Zoho LiveDesk as an example. Lean, mean, and meticulously fine-tuned—with LiveDesk you know what lies ahead, attack swiftly, and counter instantly. Arm yourself with the robust arsenal you need to win every time.

<span id='anchor-always'><a name='always'> </a></span>Always a Step Ahead

 Always a Step Ahead

See your customers' message as they type, and find the solution before they ever hit submit.

Strike Quickly

Strike Quickly

Program canned responses to swiftly address common requests.

Robust Tools

Robust Tools

Leverage powerful tools: share and receive files, push helpful pages.

Listen Better. Learn More.

Open the floodgates, tap into your visitor flow and capture every single drop of your newly increased customer engagement. Maximize the value of every interaction and discover the invaluable insights of your newly connected customers.

Survey the Field

Survey the FieldWith a comprehensive view of every customer you avoid delays and calibrate responses for their intended target.

Log and Review

Log and ReviewCapture and organize everything. With every interaction catalogued it is easy to debrief later and continually improve.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful ReportingDeputize your data with potent pre-built reports and enlighten your entire operation.

Daily Statistics

Daily StatisticsTrack your LiveDesk’s vitals the easy way. Get the most important daily statistics delivered straight to your inbox.

Fits on Day One. Ready for the Days Ahead.

Zoho LiveDesk was engineered from the ground up to make customer engagement quick and easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Flexible to fit your organization, yet strong enough to scale with you.

Departments and Roles

Departments and RolesAdvanced organizational features—including departments and roles—give your team the best work environment.

Spearhead Collaboration

Spearhead CollaborationChat between agents. Share best practices with everyone. Deliver unmatched support through synergetic muscle.

Embed Anywhere and Everywhere

Embed Anywhere and EverywhereCustomize your embed widgets and sew them straight into pages. Multiple sites, products, teams, you have total control.

Transfer and Monitor

Transfer and MonitorCheck in on your agents' chats to ensure consistent support. Even step in to help or transfer chats to another agent.

Completely Customer Centric

Unlock the unbeatable power of completely unified customer interactions and discover the new heights your business, centered around your customers, can soar when you team-up LiveDesk with Zoho CRM and Zoho Support. Outfitted with the tools and information you need, when you need them, you deliver instant happiness to your customers easily and efficiently, while constantly improving a truly customer-centric culture. Learn more about LiveDesk + Zoho CRM and discover how LiveDesk and Zoho Support integrate. 

Maximize the value of each-and-every visit. Add live chat to your site and start wowing your customers by delivering instantaneous support.

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