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View reports in Zoho Invoice and take meaningful business decisions. You can see the sales generated by an item or by a customer. Get to know the bank charges that was made in a specific period with ease. View and send your customer balances anytime and improve your cash flow.
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" Zoho Invoice is great for small businesses. helps typically under-served small enterprises get a better foothold on the Web by providing cost-effective, yet sophisticated professional technology and design services. We couldn't do the "cost-effective" part without the efficiencies afforded to us by Zoho. "

- Rob Watson ,

" I would be lost without Zoho's Invoice services. I am lost when it comes to accounting and drafting up invoices. I have to send out 30 + invoices a month and with out this programing and the inventory portion of it, I would be lost! "

- Robert Valentine , Jade Forest Design Limitada, Costa Rica

Invoice Reports

Invoice Reports

View your invoice related reports in the best possible way. With Zoho Invoice, you can see the invoice aging summary anytime and get to know the outstanding invoice amount or the invoice count for your customers. You can also view the invoice or credit note details anytime.

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Customer Reports

Tracking your customer balances has never been this easy. Get to know the outstanding balances for each of your customers. View simple snapshots and know about your invoice balances for any of your customer. You can also view insightful reports to know the expenses incurred for any of your customers.

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Customer Reports
Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Interested to know your best paying customers or the items that brings in most of your revenue? View customer sales or sales item reports and gain meaningful insights about your customers or items.

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Expense Reports

View expense details and get to know all your billed, unbilled, reimbursed expenses in just few clicks. See the categorical break up of all your expenses and analyze where you spend the most.

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Expense Reports

View Insightful Sales And Expense Reports
And Take Meaningful Business Decisions.

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