If I add any specific information to a customer, will that be over-written during the auto sync with Zoho CRM?

During the auto-sync, the most current version of an account's data is copied over to Zoho Invoice. So any changes or additions that are done in Zoho Invoice will be over-written. However, if the fields in which you had entered information are not available in Zoho CRM, like the custom fields; then they will not be over-written. Here's a list of fields that are over-written during the import.

  • For accounts imported from Zoho CRM the following fields are over-written: Name, Billing Address, Phone, Fax, Shipping Address and the Notes
  • For contacts associated with accounts: First Name, LastName, EmailID, Phone, MobilePhone
  • For contacts that are not associated with any accounts, in addition to the fields mentioned above, the following fields are also imported: Mailing Address, Fax Number

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