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Zoho Invoice gmail gadget enhances your e-mail by providing relevant information about your customers right from within your e-mail. You can view what your customer owes you, unpaid invoices, billing and contact details as you read your e-mail and without requiring you to log into Zoho Invoice. You can easily track your accounts receivable, plan out course of action with less time/effort and focus more on your business productivity.

How do I install a gmail contextual gadget? This gadget is automatically installed for users who have subscribed for Zoho Invoice in Google Apps Market Place.

How does the gadget pick up the information to be shown? Gmail contextual gadget is triggered by content in the "From" field of an email and delivers respective customer data.

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What are the details that I can view using this gadget?
You can view the following details using Zoho Invoice gmail gadget:

  • List of unpaid invoices
  • Outstanding amount
  • Overdue amount
  • List of contacts
  • Billing and Shipping address
  • List of last five emails sent to the customer
  • List of last five payments
How do I view customer details from the email?

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  • Click the Organization Details tab to view the billing and shipping details of the Customer's Organization.
  • Click the Email History tab to check if you have sent mails to this customer
  • Click the Unpaid Invoices tab to check the payments owed by this customer
  • Click the Payment History tab to check the credibility of the customer

How do I hide a customer's data?
Customer details can be viewed by default when you open on the relevant tabs in the email. To hide the retrieved customer data, click on the Hide Details link.

How do I disable the Gmail Contexual Gadget?
Contextual gadget cannot be disabled however, if you do not wish to see the contextual gadget in your Gmail, then you can disable the app for the user. Once the app is disabled for the user, they will not be able to access the Zoho Invoice account under the universal navigation bar 'More'. To access Zoho Invoice account, you will need to go to the login page of Zoho Invoice and sign in through the Gapps account.

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