How do I delete an invoice?

Zoho Invoice allows you to delete an invoice easily in just two steps. Please follow the below steps to delete invoices in the open and draft status only. The below steps are not applicable for a closed invoice.

You can only delete a closed invoice as long as there are no Payments or open Credit Notes associated with it. So make sure that you delete the payments or open credit notes first and then proceed with the invoice deletion.​

To delete an invoice:

  • Simply select the invoice you want to delete and then click the cog wheel near the invoice number.
  • Now, click delete and then click OK for confirmation.

delete invoice

To delete a payment:

  • Click the Invoices tab, and then click Payments Received.
  • In the Payments Received page, move your mouse over the payment you want to delete and then click delete on the cog wheel arrow.
  • Click Ok on the Delete Payment confirmation screen. Now, you can see that your payment has been deleted.

Similarly, delete the open credit note, and then continue deleting the closed invoice.​

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