How to create an invoice in customer currency

Zoho Invoice supports 'Multi-Currency' feature. This helps you to create and send invoice in different (customer) currency. All you need to do is to select the corresponding currency while creating customers. However, your company's currency will be taken as the "Base Currency" and all the items can be created only in the base currency.

Create customers and assign different currencies: For example, you can select USD for American customers and can select EUR for European customers.

Points to remember :
  • You need to select the customer's currency while you add the customer. Once transactions are posted for the customer, the customer currency cannot be edited/changed.
  • You need to manually enter the exchange rate calculating the currency conversion value between your base currency & the customer's (foreign) currency while creating an invoice/estimate and recording payments to the invoice.

Check this link for more information: here

Zoho Invoice FAQ

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