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Zoho Sites, a free online website builder, lets you create websites in minutes. But that's not all. You can create a blog, a portfolio and a whole lot more! Zoho Sites also optimizes your website that looks flawless on smartphones and tablets.

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  • Drag & Drop Interface

    You can say adios to building a website using HTML & CSS. With Zoho Sites in place, all that requires is just picking the elements and placing it where you want it to be. 100% NO HTML and CSS. Your website is ready in minutes to propagate your business.
  • Mobile Website

    Based on Nielsen's research, 59% of online consumers use smartphone and tablet to access internet and this number is set to increase in 2012 as 68%. This means that the possibilities of a customer viewing your website from a smart phone or a tablet is extremely high. Zoho sites automatically optimizes your website for smart phones and tablets without an extra effort from you.
  • Online Forms

    You can conduct surveys, gather feedback and collect details about your customer, anytime you want. Zoho Sites form gallery helps you do just that. You can either pick a form of your choice from the gallery or build it from scratch and collect all the information that you need.
  • Customization And Branding

    The foundation for your brand identity will always be your logo and icon. It is often the first impression your business has on a potential customer. Zoho Sites has an exclusive option to customize logo and set fav icon to brand your website and stand differentiated from your competitors.
  • No Forced Advertising

    You can always have your website totally ad free. We will never display any ads in your website even if you are using a free plan. But you can make these advertisements earn for you. Enable Adsense and get paid for each clicks made by the visitors of your website.
Build 2 Websites for FREE. Get Started Now!
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