The latest update to Zoho Docs brings in a good many business-centric features. Let’s see them in detail.

Groups Dashboard
When you login to Zoho Docs, you’ll see 3 tabs – Desktop, Groups, Tags (with Desktop being open by default). Clicking on the Groups tab will get you a page where you can add Personal Groups & Organization Groups. For creating a group, you just need to give the email addresses of those you would like to be part of that group. You can originate a group chat, send a group mail & see the group’s member details from the Groups dashboard. You can also view the files belonging to each group.

Groups Dashboard

Note that only business users can see their organization groups and the administrator has the permission to create such groups. Non-business (Personal) users won’t be seeing the organization groups.

Business Pricing Plan
We have introduced a new pricing plan for businesses. Plans starts as low as $9 per month for 15 GB disk space and 3 users.

Business pricing plan
Admin Console
As you can see from the pricing page above, the Administrator buying a business account gets an Admin Console from where the organization’s Zoho Docs account can be configured / controlled. Features of this admin console include,

  • Uploading a customized logo
  • Registering for a new domain or configuring your present domain
  • Adding the organization’s users. This includes LDAP support & importing a bulk user list from a comma separated file
  • Defining user role policies (whether a user can export/publish documents, create personal/org groups etc)
  • Defining trusted IPs (IPs from where the organization’s members can access the account)

A slideshow done in Zoho Show about this update below.

Test the new features in Zoho Docs & do let us know the features you would like to have.