Zoho Apps are now restored

General | January 20, 2012 | 1 min read

All Zoho Apps are now restored. They should be working normally. There are some backend services running to restore full service.

Today is not one of our normal days. We sincerely apologize for the outage. We requested a root cause report from our colocation provider on what caused the power outage. We will do a detailed followup post with the postmortem report and will expand on how we are going to overcome such issues moving forward.

We’d like to apologize for the outage and thank you all for your patience.

  1. Arvind

    Rick: Yes, we should have linked to status.zoho.com (powered by site24x7.com).Joe: status.zoho.com is served from a different data center (a separate instance of site24x7) and hence was reachable during the outage.

  2. GB

    Yep. Missing 3 full days worth of CRM data. Were backups only done once a week?

  3. Kristen

    Similar query to Marat’s above.
    Are you able to restore emails that were sent to us during the outage? My clients have forwarded Delivery Status Notification (Failure) emails that they received when trying to email me during the outage, but none of those original emails have appeared in my inbox since we came back online. Can you confirm the status of this?

  4. Ben

    never mind – its working now 🙂

  5. Ben

    Hello,I was working on a HTML report on my Zoho Creator app which used to work; but no it doesn’t since the outage :-SCan someone looking into this for me please?

  6. Joe

    I suspect that 24×7 was down with everything else so that probably wouldn’t have helped. They should check out Terramark. I’ve toured that facility in Miami. They have data center that outclasses many top tier datacenters.

  7. chris

    Is anyone else missing data?

  8. Rick McElroy

    Just curious, why didn’t Zoho use their own product 24×7 and have a link on the Zoho Home page to display the status of the Zoho apps for all users?Or at least a link within the apps for registered or paying users.This would have been very helpful …..as I couldn’t find a status update for a few hours or until I found it on a third party network first http://www.reliablenetworks.co… Then I found it on the Zoho blogs.

  9. Alfredo

    Would it be possible to re-engineer / re-structure your systems so that a power failure in one data centre won’t affect database integrity with the rest of the data centres? I think that’s what would need to be solved in order to make sure that a failure in one data centre doesn’t bring the whole site down. Thanks,

  10. Marat

    Now how can I be sure that I didn’t lose the email received during the power failure?

  11. Rob Feenstra

    I still cannot work in my ZOHO Creator account. I cannot create or delete applications, views and forms are disabled, etc, etc.