Smooth, clutter free, fast and intuitive user interfaces are the order of the day. You are probably aware that we recently polished the UI for Zoho CRM – making it not only more beautiful to look at, but also -and more importantly- a lot easier to use. Zoho CRM is one app users spend a lot of time in. And so is Zoho Mail. That’s why we also just completed a major revamp of Zoho Mail’s UI and added brand new features like 3-pane view and advanced search that make your daily life a bit easier, as you spend a good chunk of your day inside Zoho Mail. Here’s what’s new in our latest update:

Overall UI makeover
We always felt that we could do a better job at being clutter free yet we also felt that there is no need to shock our users with a total transformation. So we started with a few subtle changes like scrubbing off unnecessary icons, retuning the look and feel of buttons and so forth. After many iterations and discussions in tandem with the art of balancing usability and aesthetics, we believe we now have a UI that is more clean and crisp.

New 3-Pane view

Given that by the end of 2010, the number of estimated email users stood at a mammoth 1.88 billion, it is almost a necessity for an email interface to offer the choice of different viewing formats. Now, Zoho Mail provides a new 3-pane view option in the form of neat
Toggle Layout
button. It takes just a click to switch between vertical and horizontal split of your entire right pane.

3-Pane View

Advanced Search
Not being able to get to a message that you know for sure is there somewhere in your rather bloated inbox is frustrating, right? That is why we have upped the ante on Zoho Mail’s search feature by appending an uncanny advanced search icon to the existing search button. You can drill down your search by specifying almost anything that you vaguely remember that is related to the message you seek.

Advanced Search

Smart follow-up flag

We hope you are making use of the 3 flag types you can assign to your messages as mentioned earlier on maximizing your productivity with Zoho Mail. One of them is the follow-up flag. Now, are you truly sticking to your commitment to follow-up on all those emails? To nurture a better sense of commitment, we have made the follow-up flag to ask you if you want to create a task and set a deadline. Smart, isn’t it?

Smart Follow-up Flag

Rename and add to Zoho Docs

It was clumsy not to be able to rename attached files when you attempted to add them to Zoho Docs. Now, it is possible to rename an attached file when you use the Add to Zoho Docs feature. Isn’t it nice to be able to directly store attachments online, even to shared folders, workspaces and thus have a copy available from anywhere there is an internet connection? Imagine the time and effort this can save from back and forth forward, transfer of attachments between your business personnel.

Better Address book

Searching for contact information can get tedious sometimes and also needs to be as simple as searching for messages. We made enhancements to the address book, making it a snap for you to get information about your contacts, ordered according to the frequency of your interactions. Also, searching for contacts by user defined categories has been made prominent and straight forward to use.

Speed and performance optimizations
‘Blazing speed’ is what is expected of an email service today. We have been making optimizations in the background to fulfill this need for speed. You will especially notice ​significant improvements in initial loading time, compose actions, mailing list loading time while switching between folders and email delivery time, now as fast as an instant message.

There you go! A smoother, faster and smarter Zoho Mail. While we are very excited about this update, what matters most is your feedback on if or not we managed to make the right judgment calls about improving the email experience. If you are an existing Zoho Mail user, tell us how you feel about the old and the new. If you are new to Zoho Mail, we will be thrilled to have you sign up and give us a fresh unbiased opinion of our new UI.

  1. Clive Nicholas

    The new interface is just not practical for me. send icon not visible on forwarding etc. Just a modern whitewash.

  2. Bharat Patel

    I am using zoho since last month and am really impressed so much. it’s very powerful and most of the functions work well. it’s the best email service provider in my knowledge better than yahoo, hotmail, google

  3. Tawfiq

    Thank you very much. Zoho is the best email service on the net. Keep the good work! 🙂

  4. skgskg

    hiI reaealy quiet imresed with new virson from zoho 3.0 he claim smoother,faster and smarter is realey tru.
    i admired throu day one with and his sincearely worke, welldone do work,and keepitup

  5. Preetam Singh Lingwal

    Greetings & Wish you a Happy Diwali !!Kindly send / contact for Zoho CRM for our organization.thanking you,
    Preetam Singh Lingwal

  6. madalitso

    This is a fantasitic development that is likely going to give alot of pleasure to users of your platforms.

  7. justin

    The three pane view is fantastic. Also, not sure if it is possible, but it would be great to add a sender to my contacts and have the option to add him or her to a group from the “add to contacts” dialogue box. It would also be nice to add more information when adding a contact to the crm.Finally, why not use the same color scheme as the new crm? Just curious as to that last question.Justin

  8. Raju Vegesna

    Kayo,You can right click on the mail and choose ‘List mails from Sender’ option to view all emails from the sender. This option is now hidden under a click.

  9. Kayo

    I really, really, really miss being able to click on the sender of a message and having it collect all the messages by that sender. Now it just opens the one message just as is I had clicked on the subject. If I want all the messages by that one sender, now I have to do a search for it.(1) it is inconvenient to have to go up to the search bar when I’m right there and could just click on a sender’s name(2) it is redundant to have two places to click to open the message — sender and subject.(3) it is less intuitive than the old way and therefore less productive!Please consider returning that feature to it’s original state.Thank you,

  10. Lazatin

    meh.zohocalendar and zohocontacts still does not sync with android and outlook (automatically).

  11. Joe Pontes

    Incredibly simple. Amazing UI. Highly usable. This is what I wanted in Zoho Mail. You guys, just nailedon the head. Way to go, team!! Keep it up.