Two months ago we released the Zoho CRM App for iPhone. It was the first iPhone app for Zoho CRM and most of you had been waiting for it for *ahem* a while.

We didn’t want to make you wait any longer for our follow-up release. The new version addresses the most common suggestions customers like you had about the app. We appreciate all your feedback and we ask you to please keep it coming.

Here are some of the things the new version has to offer:

  • The app now also includes access to the Cases module. Now you can view/create/edit/search cases records from your iPhone.
  • You are now able to import contacts into Zoho CRM from your iPhone address book. And the other way around as well – you can now export contacts from Zoho CRM into your iPhone Address book.
  • A very common asked-for feature: access to related notes and related potentials for the record details page.
  • An improved home screen.
  • We now support additional custom views in the Potentials, Accounts, Leads and Events modules.
  • In addition, we’ve made some tweaks to the way you can search for information in your device as well as bug fixes.

The new version is available in the Apple App Store today.


  1. Tracy

    It seems silly that you can’t see your quotes, sales orders and invoices from the iPad. Only half my ZoHo CRM is mobile! ;-(

  2. Laurie

    Can this app sinc all , iphone, ipad and mac?

  3. CRM

    Android Please!!

  4. Louie

    Android Beta testing? We are game!

  5. bergsmaj

    I am on your free version and just downloaded the iphone version (to my ipod touch) and it says the Mobile Add-on is disabled. Could you advise?

  6. mahosales

    Thank you for the oppertuity to learn more about your program. My knowledge on the latest “going mobile” is very limited as well as I am tied down with my email. I receive 800+ emails per day and do not see my way clear to start on a new venture RIGHT NOW. Again Thank AND HAVE A GREAT DAY Martin

  7. Brett VanderPlaats

    Any timeline about access to following objects:
    Purchase OrdersAlso, how about a Search function feature for objects like on website interface

  8. Wassim Ghliss

    Hi guys. Good job with last update but I still need to see account name in potentials list. Possible for next update? And Campaigns..

  9. jetchison

    How about the zoho MAIL iphone app? I find using the CRM app to difficult for my emails.

  10. jasonanddee

    I use Zoho CRm through Google apps so when an Android app comes out will I be able to use it?

  11. jmullins.cubewise

    It’s a good start, but my first gripe is the Potentials screen that lists by Potential Name and not Account or something else unique – most of my Potentials are looking for the same thing and what makes them unique id the company!

  12. Ryan

    Please make an android apppppppppppp! I am going to go to google apps integrated with Zoho and I am wanting to start Android to get the most benefit of using google. Hurry. I am waiting to get my company on zoho until I have an android app.

  13. andybennett18

    Biggest problem is for us android users, is the mobile site won’t allow me to edit or update leads. Just want to add a note and change an activity to completed but get a huge string of errors. If you aren’t going to give us an app on par quality wise and time wise with the iPhone (which now has a considerably lower market share than Android devices, but who is counting) then at least make your mobile site functional.

  14. courtney.trejolaw

    Neeeeeddd Android app 🙂 Soon I hope!!

  15. ddrumm5

    Went to upvise because android app

  16. southernxposure

    This iPhone app looks VERY cool! Looking forward to having a play around with it. Thanks.

  17. kathyabutler

    When will an app for the windows mobile be developed?

  18. Gopal

    Dear Mauricio Tejeda,Last week our Support team tried to contact you through Email. Please get back to our team with details about the issue while recording events. We would like to fix your problems with our iPhone app as soon as possible.Best Regards,

  19. mauricio.tejeda

    This app still having problems..
    events can´t be recorded, and worst, nobody is able to respond…

  20. marcusmcmurray

    When will a droid app be available?

  21. effectiveinenglish

    When will we get an app for the Android for the Calendar? Urgent and almost deal-breaker.

  22. Damien

    Yes please Android very quickly! At our office we have 50% Android users, 30% Nokia Symbian, 10% iPhone. So this iPhone app is the least useful to us…

  23. Sharanya

    @lisiwrightWe have an app for Blackberry too. Here are the details on how to download and install it.…Regards,

  24. lisiwright

    Will there be an app for Blackberry?

  25. AndroidUser

    echo all the comments re: Android. Please release soon!!

  26. mb_deans

    Any chance there will be a version for the iPad?

  27. krimple

    Note – I have had a few iOS 5 screen crashes – especially after saving notes. You may want to test this heavily against iOS 5.

  28. shanthivardhan

    @mmalandrisThank you for installing iPhone app.To activate license, please sign in to your online Zoho CRM account and enable from the Setup > Subscription Manager section. For details, please read our help docs:

  29. yemikingo_147

    contact me me?

  30. rangelosanto

    Android app here also !

  31. packer235

    Can you please provide your Android users with an update as to where the Android App development fits into your product roadmap. Are we talking about 1 month, 3 months or 6 months for a release?

  32. mmalandris

    Its saying that my add-on is disabled. How do I fix that

  33. buyselltint

    Any chance that once zoho will make the quote / sales order / invoice available in an app ? It’s annoying to not be able to get the invoices we create or create a new quote when we’re on a job.

  34. alinmechenici

    I can hardly wait for the android app.

  35. chuck_sena

    Any chance we will see the ability to show custom views in the Zoho Mobile version of ZCRM while we wait for the Android app?

  36. raymond

    Agh, Rodrigo, you know Apple users are just spoilt rich kids. Android users are used to fighting for what we have and need. forgive us, but pls speedup the app. Cheers.

  37. Rodrigo Vaca

    @Shawnlarking – unfortunately, not yet. But, Android customers have been very vocal about also wanting apps – so we’ve heard all of you loud and clear!

  38. shawnlarkin

    Is there a version for the Droid?