The latest update to Zoho Reports brought in two nifty features. Let’s look at them in detail.
Dashboards Resizing

A dashboard in Zoho Reports is created by dragging and dropping multiple reports on a single page. Till now, we had one/two column layout options with fixed width & height. We have brought in greater flexibility to the layout now. You can now resize each of the embedded reports within a dashboard. This makes your dashboard look prettier, allotting more space for longer/wider reports, avoiding unnecessary blank spaces where you need to have shorter/smaller reports etc.

Resizing the reports is easy. Go to the Edit Design mode, hover your mouse over the report’s borders that need to be resized and drag as needed.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 4.02.06 pm
Charts – More Sorting Options

We have added two more sorting options in Charts, important ones at that. When your chart contains a String or Date column in one axis and Numeric column in the other, you can order the values in String/Date column based on the numeric data in either ascending or descending order.

New options that have been added are:

Options when Y-axis has numeric column and X-axis has String/Date column:

By Y-value – Ascending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By Y-value – Descending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Options when X-axis has numeric column and Y-axis has String/Date column:

By X-value – Ascending: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By X-value – Descending
: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 4.03.21 pm

Try these new features in Zoho Reports and let us know how it goes.

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  1. Arvind

    pquicker: When you are logged in to your Zoho Reports account and open a dashboard, you will see the ‘Edit Design’ button at the top menu bar (next to the ‘New’, ‘Save’, ‘Refresh’ buttons). Once you click the ‘Edit Design’ button, you will be able to drag the borders of the embedded reports for resizing.

  2. pquicker

    Can you please provide more info on dashboard resizing. I cannot find the Edit Dashboard mode