Expense tracking is a topic which will be of interest to every one of our users


Saving up on expenses is the key to a successful business. Ain’t that true?

begin with, we’ll tell you what

expense tracking in Zoho Invoice

is all
about and then we’ll fill you in on all what you need to know about our
brand new addition, 

the option to import/export expenses.

First the basics. By using the expense tracking feature you can,

  • Keep track of your billable and non-billable expenses

  • Invoice your customers for the billable expenses

  • Record the payments received as reimbursements 

  • Generate reports on your expenses

it’s a no-brainer that every expense counts, every dollar spent if
reimbursed goes into your profit numbers. With Zoho Invoice, you spend
only where you ought to. Here’s a little visual on how getting the
dough for every little expense made a big difference to a Zoho Invoice

that you are well oriented on the expense tracking feature, it’s time
to know how you can record expenses on the go and get them
imported into Zoho Invoice or how you can get the expenses recorded on
any other system imported into Zoho Invoice. 

The new addition to expense tracking is the option to Import/Export expenses.

You can now import your expenses from any other
application into Zoho Invoice easily. Get your expenses on a
CSV or TSV file and three simple steps later, your expenses will be
imported. Here’s how it works,       

  1. Select the file to be imported

  2. Map the fields from your import file. 

  3. Get a preview of your import statistics and begin importing

easy as it can get. Isn’t it? On that note….. spend, record and raise
your profits.

And as we always say, don’t forget to voice out your
suggestions, comments and of course your love for Zoho Invoice. 

Until we cue in another interesting tweak to Zoho Invoice,

happy invoicing!