Share Password Protected Files With Non-zoho Users

With Zoho Docs you can share files with anyone, even non-Zoho users, by sharing the file or document as a link. Once you get the link to a file you can email, IM or use it for a blog or in a website. Anyone can access the file link, even without a Zoho account. This sharing option gives you the flexibility to share your files with anyone and not keeping it restricted to Zoho users only.

Password Protected Sharing

There might be some documents that contain confidential information and the people who you want to share the document with might be non-Zoho users. To ensure that your document information is safe and can be accessed only by certain users you choose to share it with, Zoho Docs provides you with a password-protect option. You can password protect a file by entering a password for the file. You can send the file link through an email and the person the file link has been sent to can view the file only on entering the password set by you, for which they will have to personally contact you.

Benefits of password protected file sharing:

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