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With businesses and users being spread across various geographical locations and a vast amount of information stored in the form of documents that need to be shared among users, a central location to store and manage documents is the need of the hour. Zoho Docs is an ideal solution for users who work remotely and deal with a large number of files. It allows you to store a large number of files in all formats such as all file formats like images, music files, videos, zip, pdf, etc., and keep them organized in folders, that makes it easier to locate and access them.

Zoho Docs also acts as a backup for all your files saved on your computer or other data storage gadgets.Being an online service, your files are well protected from the risk of getting lost or damaged. Though files stored in a computer are safe from many threats, with powerful anti-virus solutions and firewalls, there is still a chance of them getting lost due to natural disaster, like a fire or flood, or computer-generated disasters, such as viruses, worms or trojans damaging your files. And files or data lost can be very difficult to recover, especially in the digital form.

You can upload and store files in Zoho Docs with:

Bulk Uploads: You can add whole folders or multiple individual files and store them in Zoho Docs in one go.

Zip/Unzip Files: You can upload zipped files and unzip them in Zoho Docs. When the uploaded Zip file is extracted, the files inside get unzipped and stored in the defined folders.

E-mail In: You can transfer and store files in Zoho Docs directly from your email

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