Spreadsheet Features

Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create, edit, and share spreadsheets. It is a great online productivity tool which businesses find extremely useful for collaboration. You can collaborate with multiple users in real time enabling you to improve your productivity and increase your efficiency. It comes in handy for businesspersons, accountants, scientists, scholars, students or anyone who deals with tabular data and need to use spreadsheets. Zoho Sheet is also useful in data analysis and in the process of visual representation of data through charts.

Import and Export your spreadsheets

Work across multiple formats with ease using Zoho Sheet. Import sheets from Excel or other formats to start working with them. You can also export sheets from Zoho Sheet across formats.

Collaborate with your co-workers in real time

Share your spreadsheet within your organization for review. Experience the power of the cloud. You now don't have the need for email attachments or multiple email forwards. Watch the cloud transform your working experience. Collaborate with your peers in real time, working upon the same spreadsheet simultaneously.

Data Validation

Solve your incorrect data entry ​worries using Data Validation. Data Validation lets ​you restrict entries that do not pertain to a given condition. Be it text, numbers or other data types, Data Validation will help you ensure that the data you use ​as input remains accurate.

Conditional Formatting

Format your cells based upon set rules to present your data better. ​Use Background Colors, Font Colors of your choice to highlight data that satisfy your criteria. Choose to highlight your text by using Bold, Italics, Underlining or Striking through using conditional formatting. Conditional Formatting lets you decide the criteria and you can format the cells as per your requirements.

​Version History and Audit Trail

Version History helps you to save various versions of the spreadsheet that have been created so that you can ​revert to an earlier version if you need them. Keep track of all the modifications and edits that have been done to the spreadsheet using Audit Trail to know how the spreadsheet was created from scratch. Changelog, present as ​a part of Version History lets you know the changes made and modifications done to the spreadsheet.


Sort your data as per your requirements. Use a filter that will help you to modify and arrange your data accordingly. You can change the criteria for filtering based upon cell value, cell background color and font color.


Try out various formulas that relate to different data types in your spreadsheet. Pick formulas that suit your spreadsheet. Write formulas that are customized for your purpose.

​Publish Spreadsheets

Publish your sheets in your blog or website from Zoho Sheet. You can also publish them within your organization for your colleagues. A code snippet will let you embed the created sheet within your site or blog.

Macros and VBA Editor

Make your often repeated processes automatic by using VBA Macro codes. Create your own macros for tasks in your spreadsheets that need to be performed regularly.

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