Multi Level Folders​

Documents that you have stored online can be in various formats meant for various groups and individuals and if you don't have your documents organized properly you might end up confused and waste valuable time and efforts in trying to access the right document. Keeping your documents organized will be helpful in locating documents faster and with better access to your data you'll make quicker and better informed decisions.

Zoho Docs makes document management easier with a multi-level folder structure, in which you can store documents in appropriate folders or sub-folders with the least amount of effort and time.

Multi-level Folders

With Zoho Docs you keep your documents better organized by creating folders based on various criteria and arrange files into appropriate folders. Zoho Docs flexible folder structure also allows you to create a folder within a folder i.e a sub-folder so you can further classify and arrange your documents so they will be easier and quicker to locate and access. To retrieve a document all you need to do is navigate to the folder and find your document.


You can drag and drop a file or multiple files into folders that helps in organizing your documents faster and simpler and also saves considerable time in moving documents to appropriate folders. Zoho Docs also allows you to drag and drop desktop files.

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