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Assign a Macro to a Button

To create a button and assign a macro

  1. Click the Insert icon and select the Insert Button option from the toolbar.
  2. Give a name to the button.
  3. From the action bar at the top, click Assign Macro > Assign New Macro > Write/Record Macro.

Record a Macro

To record a Macro and play it back

  1. Click the Macros menu > Record Macro option from the toolbar.
  2. Type the Macro Name and click Start Recording.
  3. Do the required actions and click Stop Recording.

To play the recorded macro

  1. Click the Macros menu > Run Macro option from the toolbar or press the shortcut Alt+F8.
  2. Select the macro that you want to run.


  • The supported Excel Classes and VBA Modules in Zoho Sheet are listed here.
  • To learn more about macros, refer this wiki.