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Import Export Spreadsheet

Importing a Spreadsheet

To import a file into Zoho Sheet

  1. Click the File menu > Import > Import File.
  2. In the dialog box, click Browse button to import your Local File or type a publicly accessible URL of the spreadsheet.

Exporting a Spreadsheet

To export a spreadsheet via URL

Paste the URL in a new tab/window and append &export=[file type]. Load the URL to export the spreadsheet in the given file type.

For example, for a spreadsheet that has the link, the export URL to xls will be

The allowed options for the 'export' parameter in the above URL are the same as the file extensions without the dots - xls, ods, sxc, gnumeric, csv, xml, xhtml, html, pdf. Note that you need to be logged in to export this way.

Similarly, for public spreadsheets, you have to suffix the URL with the file extensions like .xls or .ods. The export URL to xls will be

Note: Public spreadsheets can be exported without the need to be logged in.