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Custom Styles in Zoho Writer

Do you think Zoho Writer's default heading and text styles are boring? You can now define awesome themes to your taste with endless combinations of text styles and quickly setup a document with one of these.

Zoho Writer has come up with a new feature : Custom Styles, using which you can customize the the styles for the headings and the body text and even save them for further use. This will be very useful when you want to carry the styles across multiple documents without having them to be defined redundantly for each one of them.

For example, say, you have written a Legal document with all the specific styles defined for all the heading and the body text, and you wanted this formatting to be applied for all the legal documents you write in Zoho Writer, you can save the style-set under a name 'Legal' and use it later in all your legal documents.

The styles can be defined either by :

selecting a chunk of text containing the required formatting and assigning the style to a particular heading/body-text
defining the style in the custom-styles dialog itself that exposes all the possible formatting available for the heading/body-text.

How to customize a Heading style

Method 1 : Right click

  • Step 1 : Select the text that contains the required formatting
  • Step 2 : Right-click on the selection and choose 'Text Styles'->'Heading'-> 'Update Heading 1 to match selection'.

Note that once this step is done, all the corresponding headings in the document will be changed to the latest heading style. Say if you had updated the Heading 1 style all the Heading 1 in the document will be changed.

Document Heading Style

You can repeat the same steps for other heading levels too.


  • Clicking on 'Heading 1' option under 'Text Styles' applies current Heading 1 style to the selection.

Method 2: Custom Style Dialog

Document Heading Style

  • Step 1 : Select View/Edit Current Document Styles option from the toolbar as shown above
  • Step 2: Choose required formatting from the dialog and choose 'Ok'. Check-out the advance tab too (as indicated below) for more options.

Document Heading Style

How to customize a Body text style

The procedure is same as described above in 'How to customize a Heading style'. You can either select a text with the formatting choose 'Update Body Text to Match Selection' from right click or edit the style from the 'Custom Style' dialog.

How to save the styles

Once everything is set, you can save this style-set in two ways.

Method 1

Choose 'Save Current Document Style As' from the option as shown below

Document Heading Style

Method 2

Use 'Save As' option from Custom Styles dialog as shown below

Document Heading Style

How to use the saved styles

You are all set now!

Applying style for a document is just few clicks away. Choose the saved styles from

toolbar->"Custom Styles Icon "->"Preview/Apply Saved Styles" apply them right away on the document.

Document Heading Style

Document Heading Style

If you wish to make the current document style as a default for all the future document choose 'Make it default for all new documents' from the 'Custom Style Dialog'.

Clearing the styles

If any point of time if you wish to reset the styles to default in the document, choose 'Reset Current Document Style' from the menu as shown below:

Document Heading Style