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Admin Console

Admin Console

In Zoho Docs Online Document Management, the Admin Console contains various options to manage and customize your organization. It lets you to manage users, customize logos, manage domains, set permissions to users and much more. As an administrator you can set organization policies to restrict and permit specific rights to users in the organization from anywhere. Using Admin Console you can define IPs from where the organization members can access the files. As an Administrator you have total control and mobility over the files that are centrally located in Zoho Docs, and also you can streamline your organization domains, users, groups in a faster way.


Customize Logo: Zoho Docs allows customers to customize by replacing the default logo with their own organization logo, giving it a more professional look.

Manage Domains: As an Administrator you can register for a new domain or configure present domain and access Zoho Docs using your own domain URL. Create as many portals as you require for better organization.

Manage Users: Add, import and also invite users to be a part of your organization. As an administrator you can control the access rights of the user, and you can also change the role and location of the user.

Organization Policies: In Zoho Docs as an administrator you can permit or restrict the specific rights to the member of the organization and also can define user role policies. Roles defined are Super Administrator, Administrator or moderator and users.

Allowed IPs: In Zoho Docs, for security reasons you can define the trusted IPs from where the organization members can access files. Restrict access to the files to allowed IPs only.


  • Customize by adding your own organization logo
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Register a new domain or add an existing domain from Zoho Docs.
  • Access Zoho Docs using your own domain URL.
  • Assign different roles and locations to the users.
  • Set different permission for users to access files from Zoho Docs.
  • Define trusted IPs for the users to access files from.