Help Documentation

Add Footnotes

To insert footnotes in your document, follow these steps:

  1. In the place you want to insert a footnote, click the Insert tab and select Endnote/Footnote
  2. Select the Footnote  radio button and type in your footnote in the pop-up
  3. Click on Insert


  • Footnotes  appear in the document margin on your screen, and at the bottom of the page when printed. If you'd like to see how the footnotes s will look when printed, go to the File >> Print Preview. Or, you can go to the File menu, and select Download file as PDF.
  • To delete a footnote, delete the footnote from the body of the document, and this will delete all content for that footnote.
  • When you make a copy of a document, footnotes will be copied as well. If you copy and paste text that contains a footnote, however, the footnote may not be copied and pasted by default.