Folder And Bulk Upload

Document Version Control

Uploading documents one at a time, especially when you have a whole load of them, can be time-consuming. That is why we say that Zoho Docs is a smart document management solution, as it offers you options to upload multiple files at one time.

Folder Uploads

With the Folder Upload option you don't have to go through the mundane process of selecting individual files within folders to upload, as you will be able to upload whole folders directly from your desktop into Zoho Docs. If the folder has sub-folders, then the folders will be created with the same hierarchical folder structure.

Bulk uploads

With the bulk upload option you can upload multiple files, all in one go, into Zoho Docs. You can choose documents and files from your desktop, from various folders and from different drives and easily upload them into your preferred folder in Zoho Docs.

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