Share Externally

Share Externally

Need to share your documents with unregistered Zoho Users track whether the document is delivered on time? Zoho docs online document management "Share Externally" feature, allows you to share your documents with external users (non-Zoho users) and provides a delivery notification when files are delivered to recipients.

If your document contains sensitive or confidential information, they can be shared with a password-protected download link. Only authorized users can download the document.You can specify a password and expiration duration for the shared link individually to each user. Any changes made to the shared link by the document Owner will be notified to shared users through email.The recipient will receive a download link for the document in their inbox and can easily download the document by entering the password set by the document owner i.e the one who shared the document.

"Share Externally" feature also provides file delivery notification and a detailed download tracking report. This way you can be assured of file delivery and also track the status of a particular file, like when a particular file was downloaded and how many times the file has been accessed etc,.

Benefits of Share Externally

  1. Share files with external users (non-zoho user).
  2. Send password protected large files to clients.
  3. Detailed Download Tracking - who downloaded each file and when.
  4. Receive email notifications when the recipient downloads the file.

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