Check-In/Check-out Control

Zoho Docs allows you to keep a track of modifications made to files, in a collaborative environment. You can track the versions of the file, who modified it and when. Also, when multiple users have access to documents there are bound to be cases of overwriting and important data can be lost.

Zoho Docs provides a check-in/check-out feature that allows only one person to work on the document at one time. The Check-in/Check-out function, is very helpful in a collaborative environment as it prevents team members from overwriting each others changes.

Check-Out a Document:

Check-Out a file allows user to edit the file. It creates a lock on the file, which prevents other users from overwriting each others changes. To edit the document, you can check-out the document and save it locally in your desktop. Once you finished working on a file, you can check-in to once again make it available to other users. Users in the workspace will be able to see the very last version of the file that has been checked-in.

Check-In a Document:

Check-In a file removes the lock on the file. After editing the file, you can upload the latest version of the file. When a file is checked in it is available for other users in the workspace to check-out and edit.

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