Zoho Apps Integrate Google Docs

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We have many Google (and Google Apps) users using Zoho applications and integration between Google and Zoho Apps is increasingly becoming one of the most requested features. We previously integrated Zoho and Google at Sign-on level (both Google & Google Apps) and now, we are extending this integration to the application level.

Following a series of updates, Google Docs is now integrated with Zoho Applications – Zoho CRM, Mail, Docs & Projects. Let us look at each of these in detail.

Zoho CRM & Google Docs Integration
Several Google Apps users use Zoho CRM. They use Gmail and Google Docs along with Zoho CRM. We previously provided an option to view Gmail emails in Zoho CRM and now, we are integrating Google Docs into Zoho CRM. This allows users to attach documents from Google Docs to several modules in Zoho CRM like Leads, Contacts, Cases etc.

When you try to attach a document from Google Docs, you’ll be prompted to authenticate using your Google credentials (using oAuth). Once done, your documents from Google Docs are listed in Zoho CRM.

In the Google Docs dialog, we have options to view all files or by type. You can also search for documents in the dialog. This ‘Attach from Google Docs’ dialog is consistent with ‘Attach from Zoho Docs’ dialog we already have in our applications. Attached documents can be viewed using the respective Zoho applications.

Attach Google Docs in Zoho Mail
When you compose an email in Zoho Mail, we previously provided an option to attach documents from Zoho Docs. We are now extending this functionality to Google Docs as well. This means, while composing an email in Zoho Mail, you can attach files directly from Google Docs.

Upload files from Google Docs to Zoho Docs
Zoho Docs is a central document repository for all types of documents. We added an option to upload files directly to Zoho Docs from Google Docs.

We currently have a limit to upload 5 files at a time. We plan to remove this restriction moving forward.

Attach files to your Projects from Google Docs
Zoho Projects is another business application used by Google Apps users. We recently launched Zoho Projects for Google Apps and we provided this option to attach documents from Google Docs to the Documents module in Zoho Projects.

This presentation summarizes all the integrations.

We believe Google Docs integration with several Zoho Apps will provide seamless experience for users who use Zoho and Google Apps. We will continue to integrate Zoho Apps with Google and your inputs will drive our road-map. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Import Google Docs to Zoho Docs

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Amit Agarwal has a nice blog post explaining how to download all your documents from Google Docs as a zip. If you want to have a back up of your Google Docs online, you can do so using Zoho Docs. Zoho Docs allows uploading of zip files and you can upload the zip file downloaded from Google to Zoho Docs. The slide show below shows the steps involved in backing up your Google Docs in Zoho Docs.

Recently we announced the integration between Google Apps and Zoho Projects. That integration allows you to attach a Google Docs file to the Documents module of Zoho Projects. We are coming up with more such exciting integrations soon. Stay tuned.

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Zoho's Notification Feeds

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The chat bar you see at the bottom of applications like Zoho Mail, Zoho Business, Zoho Docs does a lot of useful things. Most of them has got to do with your presence status and the bar helps you in chatting live with your contacts who are online. But there’s one other important feature – notifications. The little bell icon adds a number to itself whenever there is a new notification.

You get notified for a good many work instances.

1. When you are offline and someone sends you a chat message
2. When someone shares a Zoho document, spreadsheet or presentation.
3. When you upload a file to Zoho Docs
4. When you make a post in a Zoho Discussions forum and someone responds to it. You get notified when you watch someone or a forum too.
5. Users can send a direct notification message (instead of a chat message) to their Contacts / Groups from Zoho Chat

You can see the past notifications history by clicking on the Feeds link.

So, watch the little Notification icon at the bottom-left when you login to Zoho the next time. It might have some important notifications for you :) The chat/presence bar itself will continue to evolve as we have planned for more useful features to be delivered through it.

Zoho Docs : Groups Dashboard, Admin Console and Business Pricing

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The latest update to Zoho Docs brings in a good many business-centric features. Let’s see them in detail.

Groups Dashboard
When you login to Zoho Docs, you’ll see 3 tabs – Desktop, Groups, Tags (with Desktop being open by default). Clicking on the Groups tab will get you a page where you can add Personal Groups & Organization Groups. For creating a group, you just need to give the email addresses of those you would like to be part of that group. You can originate a group chat, send a group mail & see the group’s member details from the Groups dashboard. You can also view the files belonging to each group.

Groups Dashboard

Note that only business users can see their organization groups and the administrator has the permission to create such groups. Non-business (Personal) users won’t be seeing the organization groups.

Business Pricing Plan
We have introduced a new pricing plan for businesses. Plans starts as low as $9 per month for 15 GB disk space and 3 users.

Business pricing plan
Admin Console
As you can see from the pricing page above, the Administrator buying a business account gets an Admin Console from where the organization’s Zoho Docs account can be configured / controlled. Features of this admin console include,

  • Uploading a customized logo
  • Registering for a new domain or configuring your present domain
  • Adding the organization’s users. This includes LDAP support & importing a bulk user list from a comma separated file
  • Defining user role policies (whether a user can export/publish documents, create personal/org groups etc)
  • Defining trusted IPs (IPs from where the organization’s members can access the account)

A slideshow done in Zoho Show about this update below.

Test the new features in Zoho Docs & do let us know the features you would like to have.

Zoho Mail gets 'Drag-N-Drop' Capability & More…

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you are a regular Zoho Mail user, you probably noticed frequent improvements
to the app. Our Mail team keeps pushing some goodies which we don’t
talk regularly in this blog, but the latest update very much needs
mention as it adds some great features.

Drag and Drop your Emails

can now drag and drop your emails in Zoho Mail. As you know, we support
both folders and labels in Zoho Mail. No matter what you use, you’ll
now be able to effortlessly organize your emails.

move your emails to a folder (or sub-folder), just drag your email to
the folders on the left. When you drag and email, a green background color
indicates that you can successfully move the email to the folder. A Red
background color indicates that the email cannot be moved to the folder.
This drag-n-drop functionality is similar to what we offer in Zoho Docs.

While this functionality works for Folders, the way Labels behaves is different as you can
assign multiple labels to an email. To do that, you need to drag and
drop your email to the label. If you need multiple labels assigned to your
email, just drag and drop your email on top of t the labels.

To drag and drop multiple emails, just select the emails and move them across to either folders or labels.

Open Attachments in a Tab

Mail had the option to open your email attachments with respective Zoho
applications – Writer, Sheet and Show. Previously, the attachments were
opened in a new browser tab. With this update, we open email
attachments as a tab within Zoho Mail. This way you can switch between your emails and attachments without leaving the application.

We previously used tabs to open documents in Zoho Docs. Now, you’ll notice this consistent behavior while opening attachments in Zoho Mail.

Compose Window Enhancements

There were several improvements in the Compose window.
When you compose a mail now, you’ll notice that it opens in a new tab
within Mail (similar to attachments). An option is available to pop it out in a new window.

You’ll also notice few changes in the Compose WYSIWYG editor with
fine-tuned buttons. We also added new options to insert tables, inline images
and smileys.

Chrome Support

Zoho Mail now supports Google Chrome browser. With
this update, we now officially support Firefox, IE and Chrome. We do
have plans to support Safari moving forward.

Other Changes…

Apart from many minor bug fixes, this version of Zoho Mail
gets other enhancements like the ‘Edit as New’ option in Mail view.
We’ll leave it to you to explore other features.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Zoho Docs & Zoho Mail Integration

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mentioned earlier that 2009 will be year of integration between Zoho
Applications. We recently rolled out updates to Zoho Docs and Zoho Mail
Applications integrating the two.

Zoho Docs integration into Zoho Mail

time you compose an email in Zoho Mail, you’ll notice a new option
‘Attach from Docs’ in the compose window. This new feature lets you
attach documents from Zoho Docs. The Zoho Docs dialog provides
different options to choose the documents you want to attach – from
your folder structure, Recent Documents or by file type.

Zoho Mail Integration to Zoho Docs

Docs integration into Zoho Mail is useful when you are in Zoho Mail and want to attach
a document. But what if you are in Zoho Docs and want to email a
document? You shouldn’t have to go to email application to attach a
document, right? For this reason, we integrated Zoho Mail in Zoho Docs
as well.

If you want to email a document from Zoho Docs, just click the Email icon beside
the document name and it’ll launch the compose window from Zoho Mail
with the document automatically attached. As the compose window is
coming from Zoho Mail, all the features are available inside Docs, including the address book.

If you want to email multiple files, select multiple files in Zoho Docs, right click and choose the ‘Send Mail’ option.

Apart from this, as you may know, you can open attachments in Zoho Mail with Zoho Writer/Sheet/Show.

Contextual integration is the theme we are focusing on as we integrate
our applications. I’ll expand more on this in a separate post. We hope you’ll find this integration useful. Please do let us know your feedback.