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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is web-based customer service software designed to help you focus more on creating customer happiness everyday. Visit:zoho.com/desk

5 ways to amplify agent productivity

Have you ever heard of the Ivory Tree coral? Though it may seem inconspicuous, this coral houses over 300 species of invertebrates. Any change in...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

Announcing Zoho Desk — the industry’s first context-aware help desk software.

Today, we are announcing the release of Zoho Desk — the first context-aware customer support software — that presents customer issues against the broader context...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

How a social media company you’ve never heard of is primed to revolutionize customer service

Hear that steely twang bouncing around? No, you didn’t stumble into a bluegrass convention, or a Steve Martin concert (yes that same Steve Martin is...

Zoho Desk 6 min read

The Apple Watch, the revamped Apple Store and you: customer service tips from the world’s most valuable brand

  In the name of science, dedicated solely to your education and edification, I willingly sent myself back in time. Flung through history’s aching jaw,...

Zoho Desk 5 min read

Can rewriting your mission statement transform your customer service?

An army of one, a behemoth business of 10,000, or a team somewhere in between—every company needs a distinct mission statement to define, defend and...

Zoho Desk 5 min read

10​ steps for making a huge impact on your customer service

How do you talk about, and to, your customers? What phrases do you use to ​communicate with customers, and what do you call them behind...

Zoho Desk 7 min read

The (not so) secret strategy these 10 customer service legends share

If you plan to thrive in the era of the customer, now is the time to improve your customer service. Regardless of how your customers...

Zoho Desk 9 min read

Which customer-obsessed brand are you? Take the quiz and find your match.

Zoho Desk 0 min read

2015: ​The year of the customer

Good riddance​ 2014 and hello 2015. A new year, new beginnings, an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next one,...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

The most painful customer service moments of 2014, and how you can avoid them in 2015

Because you are a consummate overachiever and haven’t read enough year-in-review lists yet, I bring good tidings—and one more list—to you and yours on this...

Zoho Desk 6 min read