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  • CorbridgeTech: zoho crm has been a great addition to the tools I use to manage my operations. Highly recommend.
  • mediaforceweb: Loving Zoho CRM for setting up staff tasks, logging calls and keeping track of potential new business. Moving up in the world.
  • Alibabaaa : really loving @zoho as a comprehensive and affordable CRM solution! The free version is fantastic for SMB's :)


You can be assured that almost all your customers and prospects own a Facebook profile. Using this power, Zoho CRM for Facebook gives you better ways to connect with your Customers and Prospects - by bringing Facebook profiles of leads and contacts inside your CRM account.

LinkedIn Integration

How can you use Zoho CRM for Facebook?

  • Gain insights into your customer's interests and updates from inside your CRM account.
  • Strengthen your customer network. Send friend requests to your customers and prospects from inside CRM.
  • Share updates, events or promotions about your product with prospects. Post on a contact or lead's Facebook wall.
  • Be up-to-date with a customer's interests and updates. Like or unlike Facebook updates from the contact or lead detail page.

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