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  • CorbridgeTech: zoho crm has been a great addition to the tools I use to manage my operations. Highly recommend.
  • mediaforceweb: Loving Zoho CRM for setting up staff tasks, logging calls and keeping track of potential new business. Moving up in the world.
  • Alibabaaa : really loving @zoho as a comprehensive and affordable CRM solution! The free version is fantastic for SMB's :)


Stay on top of your deals

In business, it is important to be always aware of what is happening in your sales pipeline. It is also important to know all that is NOT happening in your business.

Pulse takes sales tracking to the next level by letting you follow updates to not only big deals but also deals that are inactive. You can know what is happening to those leads, accounts, contacts and potentials that are important to your business.

Sales Forecasting

Your benefits

  • Follow records that are most important to your business
  • Start following records from the detail-view page. Pulse displays updates to the records that you are following in a centralized and single page. You can stay on top of sales updates in real time.
  • Know your cold prospects. Follow-up and convert them to sales
  • Pulse displays records, which are inactive for up to 180 days. You can identify bottlenecks in the sales process and take corrective action.
  • Automate. Avoid manual work. It's faster
  • Set pulse follow-up rules to automatically follow records based on your criteria. For example, you can set the workflow rule to follow all deals that have an opportunity of more than $1000.
  • Filter updates by users and modules
  • Looking for a specific record? Identify it quickly by filtering records based on the record owner and the module.
  • With Pulse, you get complete visibility into your sales process. Why hasn't a prospect responded? Why wasn't this deal won? Based on the last activity to leads, accounts, contacts and potentials, you can know all areas in your sales pipeline that require instant attention.

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