Work Together, Share Insights and Accelerate your Sales.

Share Messages

Won a big deal and want to share the joy with your team? Or, you want to seek expertise on a particular account? Just post the message to your team via Feeds. You can also reach out to a particular user or group by adding @ which will notify the user or group about the mention.

Attachments in Feeds

Work Together in Groups

Create groups instantly and work together on big deals, sales opportunities and marketing campaigns. With a centralized location for communication, your team can share insights, obtain answers and see what each team member is working on.


One-on-one Interactions

At times you may want to send a specific group member a private message that does not get seen by the rest of the group. With Feeds, you can collaborate privately through Direct Messages. It's simple. Just @ mention the group or user, select "Send as Direct Message" and hit post.

Direct Messages in Feeds

Stay on top of your Deals

Don't worry about missing out on the feeds of a particular record. With the two-way sync between Feeds and Notes, you can see the entire feed thread within a record.


Share Data via Attachments

Attach files to a post to quickly share information with the team. You can upload pictures, sales collateral, presentations and more. All you need to do is drag and drop the file into the post to share it. Now that's a cool way to share attachments, right?

Attachments in Feeds

Follow Records that Matter

Don't clutter your page with unnecessary updates. Choose the records to receive updates by either following it manually or setting rules for automation. Whether it's following big deal records or a particular record, you can keep the conversations focused and retrieve when needed.

Feeds Follow Records

Be in the Loop. Be Notified

When you work together on big deals, you often assign different tasks to your team. But are you notified each time a task is complete? Now get instant alerts each time a change is made, or a comment is added to the records you're owning.

Feeds Notifications

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